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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Eloquent Delivers Searchable Business Video Software Over Intranets, Mac Support Announced


Eloquent, Inc., a Silicon Valley business video software start-up, today announced the availability of the Eloquent Infomedia product-line.

"Infomedia" (informational multimedia) is the first technology to deliver searchable multimedia business video over corporate intranets. Eloquent's product line supports authoring and deployment of "Infomedia Talks" that combine video, audio, presentation graphics and full text transcriptions on network servers or CD-ROMs. In addition, the Eloquent/Services Group provides complete production and installation services.

Eloquent's product line is a complete turnkey solution designed to save corporations the time and costs associated with bringing together speakers and audiences. Eloquent captures speakers and their presentations and transforms them into Infomedia Talks that can be viewed using Eloquent's Infomedia Player on any desktop PC. These Infomedia Talks can be viewed at the user's convenience, and lets the user move directly to information of interest.

"Wide distribution of timely information is a competitive edge that companies continue to strive toward," said Eloquent president and CEO, Clifford Reid. "Our Infomedia-based product line provides companies with the solution to quickly distribute information to a wider audience at a fraction of what it would cost for on-site, video-conferencing or custom multimedia applications."

"Eloquent Infomedia has provided us with a valuable solution to distribute important company information quickly and easily," said Laird Matthews, manager of training for Cisco Systems. "We will be distributing 15,000 Infomedia CD-ROMs to our re-sellers worldwide in order to prepare them for a new product launch."

How Infomedia Works

Eloquent's Infomedia technology combines client-server software and digital video capabilities to create Infomedia Talks that deliver live speakers and their presentations over standard networks to desktop PCs. Using intelligent search and navigation capabilities, users can move directly to specific segments in presentations. Eloquent delivers Infomedia-based software via corporate Intranets, CD-ROM or an integrated "Infomedia Viewer" for Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Eloquent/Client-Server provides intelligent search and navigation capabilities that enable users to search through the full transcripts of every Infomedia Talk stored on a server system. Standard Intel-based PC servers running Windows NT can store an unlimited number of Talks to create a true "corporate knowledgebase." The server supports continuous delivery, dynamic network bandwidth optimization, user scalability, usage analysis, navigation support, and database services.

The Eloquent/Client is a desktop application that allows users to connect to a server to access an Infomedia Talk or search the entire "corporate knowledgebase" for specific information. The server utilizes Verity's text search engine to enable users to search quickly through full transcripts of every presentation. The user interface displays the synchronized video, graphics and text transcript with a variety of user controls to navigate through Talks. The player uses an embedded copy of Adobe Acrobat to display graphics and slides stored in Adobe's PDF Format. The Player is available for Windows 3.11, Windows 95, MacOS, and is fully compatible with Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.


For distribution to remote offices, vendors and customers, up to 10 hours of Infomedia Talks can be published on a single CD-ROM using Eloquent/CD. The product also supports multiple CD "events" containing any number of Infomedia Talks. Reference materials or software demonstrations can be included on CDs for easy access to printed information or user skills practice.


Eloquent/Author is a suite of tools that lets customers produce their own Infomedia Talks. The product includes modules for transcribing, synchronizing and indexing digital video of presentations, and facilities for integrating the video, slides and full audio transcript into a complete Infomedia Talk. Eloquent/Author is an open environment allowing the user the freedom to select from the most popular digital video editing and presentation graphics software.


Eloquent/Services include a complete set of production and installation services to capture and deliver Infomedia Talks via Eloquent/Client-Server or Eloquent/CD. The Eloquent/Services team can also translate your Infomedia Talks into multiple languages and integrate reference documents or software. In addition, Eloquent has established a partnership with Hewlett-Packard for installation and integration for large scale deployment. "We view Eloquent as providing a key capability for the rapid and broad distribution of business critical information, such as to a distributed sales force, said Krishnan Natarajan, Marketing Manager of HP's Interactive Media Solutions Group."HP can design and implement an infrastructure to enable large deployments of Infomedia."

Eloquent's products are sold direct and pricing is based upon the number of users or CD-ROMs, starting at $395 per user or $25 per CD-ROM. Eloquent is currently shipping release 2.0. Release 2.1 will ship in the fourth quarter of 1996 and will support Power Macintosh and improved Web Browser integration.


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