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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Exciteseeing Tours Offer Halloween on the Web With Elvira


Elvira -- the tongue-in-cheeky Mistress of the Dark takes Exciteseeing tourists on a Web tour called "A Very Elvira Halloween." On this tour, Elvira shares her favorite Web sites with information on creepy costumes, special effects, classic horror novels, as well as recipes for such frightening fodder as rat cupcakes and hard boiled eyeballs.

"Of all the holidays, Halloween is my fave," gushes Elvira. "I'm ghoulishly happy that Excite asked me to create a special tour for Halloween so I can share all of my trick 'n treat Web sites with readers and fans! My tour is like a great big Halloween fun house, and once you link up, you'll see what you don't expect -- like Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard-ice cream flavors that have been killed off for one reason or another."

Exciteseeing tours is a new service that helps Internet users accomplish daily tasks and explore a vast array of interests from getting a first mortgage to shopping for anything you can imagine -- on or off the Web. There are currently 225 available tours, including a range of New to the Net tours. Helping users find their way is the Exciteseeing Tours community of "guides" that include celebrities from virtually every field, Excite's own seasoned reviewers, leading subject experts and Internet users themselves. With this many "experts" pooling their know-how, the entire Internet community will have access to an ever-growing number of tours.

The topics on Elvira's tour seem appropriately odd, especially the "Virtual Lawn," a photographic tour of cemetery statuary. Elvira asks and answers: "What's the best thing about Halloween? The freaks, of course, and you'll find plenty of the gut-wrenching, eyepopping variety at Horrendous Movie Reviews, from Please Don't Eat My Mother to my personal fave, The Booby Hatch."

"What could be a better way to celebrate Halloween on the Web than taking an Exciteseeing tour written by Elvira -- Mistress of the Dark?" says Steve Childs, Director of Excite Communities. "With Exciteseeing Tours, we've created a new category of Web navigation that provides information relevant to tasks, timely events and interests," continues Childs. "Elvira shows us the best in the spirit of Halloween!"

"Exciteseeing Tours is a unique way to find relevant information on the Internet, and compliments the other services in the Excite navigation network," says Childs. "Exciteseeing Tours is the first service, from any Internet navigation company, to offer guided Web navigation by theme or interest."

Exciteseeing Tours, from Excite Inc. provides Internet users with easy access to a wide range of topics. Written by journalists, users on the net and celebrities, Exciteseeing Tours focus on "how to" advice, rather than on the more traditional "where to" find information. Users also have the options of creating their own tours or joining in bulletin board discussions where they can share their own insights, and opinions about tours and related topics.


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