The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services
The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Claris Emailer 1.1 Distributed Free Over Internet, Download here


Claris Corporation announced it will distribute Claris Emailer 1.1, the award-winning email manager for Mac OS, free of charge over the Internet for a limited time as part of an aggressive strategy to increase market share in the electronic mail software category.

Claris also announced the impending availability of Claris Emailer 2.0 for Mac OS, expected to ship in early 1997, and Claris Emailer 2.0 for Windows, slated for availability later in 1997.

For people who use Internet service providers (ISPs), Intranets, America Online, and CompuServe, Claris Emailer is an efficient way to conduct email communication, manage email overload, and share information across computing platforms and email software applications.

Winning In A Competitive Market Since Claris Emailer 1.0 became available in July, 1995, it has enjoyed tremendous sales growth, received widespread acclaim, and has won awards and praise from journalists and customers alike.

"Hundreds of thousands of people are using Claris Emailer today, and many more can benefit from it. By offering Claris Emailer 1.1 free of charge for a limited time over the Internet, we are encouraging people to try it and intend to expand the installed base significantly," said Guerrino De Luca, president, Claris Corporation. "By making it so easy to try Claris, Emailer, we are confident users will find it the best solution, regardless of their current email manager."

Users of competitive products will find the efficiency and usability of Claris Emailer outstanding. When compared to any of the other leading email managers on the market, including Eudora Pro, Claris Emailer consistently comes out on top in industry reviews. Claris Emailer provides automated email management which enables users to sort, file, delete, and reply to messages quickly and effortlessly. It has an elegant user interface, powerful, full-featured address book to manage contacts, drag-and-drop ease to send and receive files, a filing cabinet to keep information organized, and easy use of enclosures. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways for users in business, home and education settings to communicate and keep in contact with friends, family, customers and colleagues worldwide.

Responding To Market Needs The Wall Street Journal reports that as of September 1996, roughly nine million adult Americans logged onto the Internet's World Wide Web daily. With communications being the most widely used application on the Internet, and email representing over one-third of online use, Claris found that email users in business, home and education environments all share common needs for efficient communication, managing information overload and the ability to share information across platforms.

By clicking at the Claris web site to download Claris Emailer 1.1, users will have these needs addressed. And by upgrading to Claris Emailer 2.0, users will gain enhanced automatic email management capabilities through a redesigned interface and unlimited mail actions, online help, an improved setup process to make it even simpler to learn and use, and an integrated spell checker, multiple signatures feature, and a single database to store all email.

"Claris is offering online consumers convenience, value and immediate availability with electronic software distribution of Claris Emailer 1.1 today and with upgrade paths to Emailer 2.0 in 1997," said Rob Lewis, marketing manager for "As pioneers in secure transaction processing and electronic software distribution, we're pleased to be aligned with Claris in this bold software distribution strategy."

Claris Emailer 2.0 for Mac OS will begin shipping in early 1997 for an estimated retail price (ERP) of $49. The education estimated retail price (EERP) is $39. With an in-box rebate coupon and proof of purchase, users of previous versions of Claris Emailer or the Apple Internet Connection Kit will receive a $10 rebate from Claris. This offer will be extended to users of Eudora Pro with proof of purchase. Claris Emailer 2.0 will also be available for electronic software download from channel resellers at an ERP of $39. Pricing for Claris Emailer for Windows is not available at this time.

Download Emailer 1.1.3 or here or here


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