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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

eMail Xpress 1.6 - Bulk Email Management Software


ISO Productions eMail Xpress 1.6 is one of the only solutions to bulk/mass "email loader" available for the Macintosh OS.

eMail Xpress, allows users of both Claris Emailer and Qualcomm's Eudora, two of the most popular email applications for the Macintosh, to send bulk and mass forms of email to large email lists. Solving the needs of massive email list management, and combined with features that allow the user to load email directly into their email application, eMail Xpress is a wonderful communication tool.

eMail Xpress is a companion application to either Claris Emailer or Eudora. "eMail Xpress is best described as a total bulk email management system." says Matt Petrowsky, of ISO Productions.

eMail Xpress doesn't only load bulk email, it makes smart decisions about the mail it sends to the people on your list." Due to the ever increasing needs of promotional tools, eMail Xpress was designed with a marketing purpose in mind and is capable of serving as a publisher's subscription manager, a shareware registree manager or any organization's correspondence management tool.

Powerful Bulk Emailing Capabilities: Features

The primary function of eMail Xpress is to load pre-typed email from its internal database (driven by the popular Claris FileMaker Pro database engine) to a group of email recipients, into an email application such as Emailer or Eudora. Methods for sending email from eMail Xpress include bulk mail, mass mail, instant send and stamped mail.

Bulk Mail - loading a single message to multiple recipients as a BCC (blind carbon copy)
Mass Mail - loading an individual message to each recipient in a group of multiple recipients.
Stamped Mail - A simple method of marking email messages as outgoing - offering email customization.
Instant Mail - Instantly load a pre-typed email message to a selected recipient.

Store Frequently Used Messages

eMail Xpress stores as many pre-typed (canned) messages as desired by the user. The ability to maintain a group of modifiable, frequently used "form" email messages is one of eMail Xpress's biggest benefits. The user merely selects a message to send and clicks a button. No drag and drop of message clippings from the Finder, and no complex script that has to be customized.

Live On-The-Fly Merge Fields and Merge Actions

Mirroring the capabilities of typical merge fields, eMail Xpress will merge in many of the available fields that store vital information about email list recipients. Pre-type messages may have as many merge fields as desired. Perform discriminate emailing with eMail Xpress.

New Merge Actions allow for infinite flexibility when emailing based on conditional information. These "smart" Merge Actions will merge in preset information based on criteria found in a recipients record. Example: (email text #1 to all people in the state of California, and email text #2 to all people outside of California). Merge Actions also allow unlimited numbers of live merge fields.

Downloadable one of two versions.

FileMaker Pro 3.0 version of eMail Xpress 1.6

Self-Running version of eMail Xpress 1.6

eMail Xpress 1.6 for Macintosh and Power Macintosh is currently available for a retail price of $129. eMail Xpress is available as either a self-running application or as a FileMaker Pro 3.0 template. A FileMaker Pro 3.0 developer's version is sold for $399 with source code access and a licensing agreement. Pricing structure is subject to change by ISO Productions.


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