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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

eMEDIA Releases Macintosh Guitar Tutorial Cd-rom


eMedia Corporation announced the release of the MacintoshTM version of its flagship title: eMedia Guitar Method of a music education CD-ROM. Following the success of the Windows version which has become the worldis best-selling CD-ROM guitar tutorial and updated for the Mac, Guitar Method makes learning the guitar easy and fun, maximizing on the interactive and storage capabilities of CD-ROM. The unique method bridges the generation gap with an approach equally suited for teenagers and adults, covering the full range of playing styles.

eMedia Guitar Methodcontains 60 comprehensive lessons ranging from basics like stringing the guitar and playing chords to strumming styles, playing melodies and fingerpicking. The experience is enhanced by over 30 full-motion instructional videos and advice from professional guitar instructor and national performer, Kevin Garry. Included in over 3 hours of recorded audio are over 100 exercises and songs, such as

  • Scarborough Fair
  • House of the Rising Sun,which serve to reinforce the lessons and provide a variety of excellent practice material. An automatic, interactive tuner even allows the student to visually tune his/her guitar to the computer!

Enhanced for the Mac, the title now includes music tracking, providing even greater control over the learning process by allowing the student to follow along with the songs and exercises provided. Also, new audio/video controllers allow for fast-forwarding and rewinding to particular sections of songs and videos as desired. Additional instructor comments have been included along with an aesthetically upgraded interface design. As with the PC version, students can accelerate learning by using a built-in recorder to monitor their own playing and compare it to the instructoris. Additionally, thereis an adjustable digital metronome to help keep tempo and work on picking skills.

The title allows the aspiring musician to easily navigate among lessons, songs, and a variety of accessories such as the chord dictionary which contains fingering charts and sound for over 250 chords. In addition, eMedia Guitar includes complete access directions to thousands of songs available for free on the Internet. Over 500 songs are specifically referenced at appropriate stages in the lessons.

The estimated street price of the disk is $59.95 and it is available through local music and software stores or directly from eMedia at (206) 329-5657. The minimum system requirements are a Mac with 68020 or better (or Power PC), System 7 or greater, CD-ROM drive (1X or faster), and 4 MB of free RAM.


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