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IPA Systems to launch "eNews" Net Publisher at IFRA 96.


IPA System Ltd are to release, at IFRA 96, a new product called "eNews" which automatically takes stories from the IPA Editorial systems, q-Edit(Mac) and mETS(Windows), and other electronic editorial systems and publishes them on the World Wide Web.

The standard version of the package will comprise: eNews.cgi for WebStar Mac, eNews AdServer and a Quark Xpress Xtension (currently Mac ONLY). An enhanced version, eNews Gold, will also include the ability to publish a complete Xpress page, and its associated stories, via eNews Virtual Page Technology.

The cgi works on a basket metaphor and each basket can have an index page and a story template assigned to it for use when converting the incoming story to HTML. All links and the number of index entries is also handled automatically by the cgi. All admin such as adding pictures to stories and altering index order is via Netscape Navigator.

The AdServer allows adverts to be dynamically placed on pages from a list of available ads. Ads can be booked by length of time or on a number of hits basis. It is intended that AdServer will also have the facility to place adverts based on context of the story (text containing the word BMW whould have the ad for the local BMW garage placed on it instead of the "next" ad in the sequence).

The Xtension, which initally will be Macintosh only, will allow the user to click on to any q-Edit or mETS box and publish the complete story. In the case of standard text boxes all the boxes of a story need to be selected.

With the Gold version the Xtension will also support the publishing of the whole page. The reader will be able to view the publication in a similar manner to the printed version, by flicking from page to page and then clicking on the area of the page they wish to read.

If a user wishes to rent space from an ISP rather than connect directly to the internet then eNews will promote, via ftp, the changed informnation.


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