The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services
The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Easier, Faster And Better Keyboard And Typing Skills, Download Demo


Are you one of the 80% of computer users who know they could get more out of their computer by being better with the keyboard but don't have time to learn? With the Digital On-line Age upon us, keyboard skills are a 'must' not a 'nice to have'. Keyboards are not going to disappear.

The eText Software is for business people, professionals, students and everyone who wants proficient keyboard skills without the drudgery of traditional typing tutors, and in much less time.

The eText Method breaks through in being twice as fast as typing tutor software, and giving twice the satisfaction.

Nine reasons why eText is easier, faster and better ...

1. Uses an innovative method designed and tested by psychologists, trainers and business consultants2. Based on the Key-Finger Groups of the Qwerty keyboard used by expert typists3. Based on modern computer technology not old-fashioned typewriters4. Avoids relearning by using only everyday words and syllables not junk5. Combines learning with fun6. Uses only positive multimedia feedback techniques7. Designed to minimize performance anxiety and the risk of RSI8. Treats you like an adult -- after doing the basic lessons you are free to choose your own9. Basic keyboard skills can be attained in an average of 6 recorded hours compared to more than 12 for traditional typing software eText was designed and developed in response to market research that indicated only 46% of users of typing tutor software were satisfied with their results and experience (25% in business and professions).

Designed for Mac OS users who always expect something better. Available for MacOS computers with 68020 or higher processors running System 7 or higher, as well as Windows. Introductory offer: eText is priced at US$59-00 or $Aus85 including the eText On-The-Run mini-app, eText User Guide, System Extensions, $10 shipping. 33% discount for cross-grade and students (conditions apply). Enterprise and Educational multiple licences prices on application. Money back guarantee.


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