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EtherPeek 3.1 With Real-time HTML Traffic Statistics Output!


The AG Group released EtherPeek 3.1, an upgrade to its popular 3.0 version, that incorporates HTML output, new and enhanced Plug-In modules, support for additional PC/PCI hardware interfaces, Balloon Help throughout the program, and a "GetMyAddress" feature which retrieves the physical, IP and AppleTalk addresses as well as the name of the Macintosh from which EtherPeek is running.

Real-time HTML Traffic Statistics Output

With EtherPeek 3.1, real-time network device, protocol and filter traffic statistics gathered by EtherPeek can be viewed with an Internet Web browser. HTML templates allow the user to customize the node, protocol, sub-protocol and filter statistics for remote viewing via their Web browser.

New and Enhanced Plug-in Modules

EtherPeek 3.1 adds several new Plug-In modules:

  • TCP-SYN Plug-In for detecting TCP-SYN attacks.
  • Checksums Plug-In to compute & verify checksums for AppleTalk & IP packets.
  • Telnet Plug-In which logs Telnet sessions.

Plug-In updates include enhancements to the IP Details Plug-In to show information from ARP and TCP packets, and additions to the Duplicate Address Plug-In allowing for the processing of IP sub-protocols.

Additional PC/PCI Hardware Interface Support

EtherPeek now includes support for the following Ethernet interfaces:

  • Global Village PowerPort Platinum Pro PC Card
  • Farallon LAN/Modem Card
  • Dayna CommuniCard
  • Dayna BlueStreak Cards

Code has also been added to the program to enhance support for the Asante 10/100 PCI and Farallon EtherMac PC cards.

Current EtherPeek Extended Maintenance owners receive the upgrade automatically from The AG Group. Registered 2.x or later EtherPeek owners may purchase Extended Maintenance and receive the upgrade as one of the many deliverables of the AG Group Maintenance Program.


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