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EveryWare Development Corp. Chosen Best-of-Breed By Silicon Graphics, Inc.


EveryWare Development Corp announced the formation of a strategic relationship with Silicon Graphics, Inc. to offer an integrated commerce solution for Silicon Graphics' WebFORCE(tm) family of products. EveryWare is one of six "best-of-breed" companies delivering enabling software technologies that enable WebFORCE servers to provide comprehensive commerce solutions for the Internet. The combined Silicon Graphics and affiliate technologies will enable effective, secure, business-to-consumer and business-to-business ventures on the Internet.

The combination of industry leading technologies--EveryWare's IRAD (Internet Rapid Application Development) tool, Tango, and Silicon Graphics' innovative Cosmo(tm) software--will create compelling, interactive and visual business solutions for the Web. Now consumer and merchant buyers can inspect and interact with products in a visually compelling environment over the Internet prior to purchase.

Enabling Technologies

EveryWare's Tango technology, a Web-based development tool, allows Web developers to build dynamic Internet/Intranet sites that integrate industry-standard databases such as Oracle, Informix, Sybase, FoxPro, etc. without writing any C, C++, Java, SQL or Perl. The Tango development environment can be used for many Web-based solutions that integrate databases as well as existing legacy applications. Within the WebFORCE servers, Tango allows users to dynamically browse through a virtual store front, searching through product catalogs while viewing items in a graphical environment. Users can select items to purchase, adding the products to their shopping basket as they browse through a site. Tango not only completes the transaction, but also gathers and provides sales order detail for the fulfillment process.

"We are very excited to be one of Silicon Graphics' on-line commerce solution providers," said Dan McKenzie, president of EveryWare Development Corp. "This is an enormous opportunity to showcase the robust and powerful features of our Tango technology to both the Internet commerce and rapid application development markets. The integration with the Cosmo authoring tools will allow the development of a seamless database interface for business Websites. This combination of technologies will create dynamic and completely interactive electronic storefronts on the Internet."

"The Web will enable electronic commerce to reach its full potential," said Kai-Fu Lee, vice president and general manager of Silicon Graphics' Web Products Division. "We chose EveryWare as a key WebFORCE commerce solution provider for their established and successful database interface technology, which offers a flexible and innovative technical resource for the development of commerce solutions."

Tango has recently shipped on the Windows NT/95 and Solaris platforms. Web developers can develop Web-based applications on Windows or the Macintosh while deploying their solutions on Windows NT, Solaris or the Macintosh, without writing any code. Tango's scalable, cross-platform architecture enables MIS personnel and Webmasters alike to create Web-based applications that can be easily migrated across platforms without rewriting or modification.

EveryWare's Tango technology is being used by many Web developers to create both dynamic Intranet and Internet solutions very quickly without having to write lines of code. The relationship with Silicon Graphics charts another high-point for the increasing success of EveryWare Development Corp. as a leading developer of cross-platform products for the intranet rapid application development market.


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