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Exabyte Announces First Major OEM Agreement For New Mammoth 8MM Tape Drive for Apple New Network Servers


Exabyte Corp. announced the first significant original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supply agreement for its new-generation Mammoth 8mm Tape Drive. The company said that it will provide Mammoth drives to Apple Computer, Inc. for inclusion in that company's new line of Apple Network Servers. This agreement marks the first time Exabyte has provided products to Apple.

"We are very excited to have Apple as a first-time customer and to supply them with Mammoth," said Peter D. Behrendt, Exabyte's chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer. "With the incorporation of Mammoth into the Apple Network Server line, we can broaden the reach of Exabyte products and appeal to a significant new group of end users.

"We congratulate the Apple team for being the first among major OEMs currently qualifying Mammoth to bring the product to market," Behrendt added.

Mammoth is Exabyte's newest 8mm tape drive. With capacity of up to 40 gigabytes per single data cartridge and a 6-megabytes-per-second transfer rate, Mammoth stores nearly 3 times the amount of data at 6 times the speed of previous-generation 8mm tape drives.

* With Mammoth, end users can back up 21 gigabytes of data per hour, making the drive twice as fast as its closest competitor and the fastest product in its class. Developed and designed entirely by Exabyte, Mammoth features the highest reliability (200,000 hours mean-time-between-failure) of any 8mm tape drive to date, and is unique in being compatible with virtually all of the more than one million 8mm tape drives in use in the field today. Mammoth is designed to provide high-capacity and extremely rapid backup for storage-intensive applications such as multimedia, imaging, large databases and transaction processing.


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