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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Excite Search Engine City.Net Expands Services Showcasing 3,000 Destinations


Excite Inc., has launched its expanded Excite City.Net service, with links to 13,000 web sites from and about cities around the world and the widest global coverage on the Web -- currently showcasing more than 3,000 destinations. Excite City.Net links users to more cities, countries, people and destinations on the Internet than any other Web-based service.

The new services offer an improved interface, a travel club, interactive maps for customized travel routing, full-color political and historical maps of the world, and are enhanced with photographs. These new services add to the existing strengths of Excite City.Net, the top guide to Web sites about travel, communities and events.

George Bell, Excite President and CEO states, "Excite was the first Internet services network to recognize the importance of travel information on the Web, so it acquired City.Net, the #1 site for travel on the Web." Bell continues, "By sponsoring these services, we are offering our own content in addition to linking visitors to regional sites for the most current travel information."

Catherine Fowler, Ambassador Excite City.Net, explains, "The new Excite City.Net is the premiere resource on the Web for travelers and those looking for information, from climate and accommodations to daily schedules for local events."

Excite City.Net's new mapping capabilities enable users to access maps of the top 3,000 travel destinations to help them find places, plan trips, view, download and print maps.

Fowler elaborates: "We recently announced distribution agreements with leading mapmakers MAGELLAN Geographix and GeoSystems MapQuest, which enable us to provide superior-quality maps and access to customized mapping -- from the specialists in cartography. With these agreements, we have responded to users' requests by providing the best in mapping services."

Fowler further reports that "Excite City.Net will soon add new areas that will provide a community forum for both locals and travelers. Visitors to these forums will be able to exchange first-hand ideas and information, adding personal value and providing a richer experience. Users can obtain information ranging from 'where can I find people who play bridge in my hometown?' to the suggested best restaurants in Christ Church, New Zealand."


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