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Extension Folder Confusion? Visit Extension Overload WWW Site


Extension Overload reviews about 150 extensions that are commonly found in the Extensions Folder on every Mac. For those who do not know much about extensions, this program gives you some insight so you can decide which ones are necessary for your computer and which are not.

Located in the Extensions Folder in your System Folder, extensions perform a number of activities on your Mac to make it more functional. However, some extensions will do NOTHING but EAT UP MEMORY and it is sometimes difficult to know how much memory an extension will use (25K ? 105K ? 88K ? 800K ? .... ) because extension memory usage is volatile: extensions increase their memory when they are in use and shrink back when they are not.

An extension file may take up only a little DISK SPACE, (maybe 13k) or as high as 1 MB or more. Worse, BUGS in an extension can also crash and SLOW DOWN your computer.

The best way of dealing with problematic extensions is to drag them into the trash and dispose of them. But how do you know which ones are helping and which are hindering your machine's performance? Enter Extension Overload, a helpful database that provides valuable information at your fingertips about some of the more common extensions you may have on your machine. It can help you if you are unsure of what a particular extension is for or what it does, and will help you decide whether you want it on your machine or not. Apple provides many extensions that you don't always need as an option and service to the customer. For example, if your machine is not on a network, then you may not want the Network Extension installed on your machine. If you've disposed of the extension and connect to a local network at a later date, you can always recover that extension from the original system disk.

Extension Overload is helpful to those in the following situations:

  • Anyone keep recovering from a crash.
  • Users looking to increase RAM by cutting back the system's chunk of it.
  • Users looking for more disk space.
  • Users who have recently bought a new or used machine and don't know what those mysterious things are in there ... or what they belong to.
  • Experienced users who may not be familiar with some extension functions or owners.
  • Experienced users who may want to expand their extension vocabulary.
  • New users just learning their way around the machine.
  • Anyone who wants to know more about Macintosh extensions.


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