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Extensis Ships CyberViewer as Freeware, Download here


Extensis Corporation, today shipped CyberViewer for Netscape Navigator. CyberViewer is a freeware utility that adds functionality to the Netscape Navigator Web browser by maintaining a comprehensive visual history of locations users have visited on the World Wide Web.

Leveraging the popular navigation technology prevalent in its graphics enhancement software for QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker and Adobe Photoshop, CyberViewer adds a floating palette to the Netscape Navigator window which displays each page users have accessed on the Web as a graphical thumbnail or a chronological text listing. Users can then scroll through the listings of recently visited Web pages and double click on items to return to a specific Internet location.

"Contrary to traditional Navigator plug-ins that typically add viewers to recognize additional file formats on the Internet, CyberViewer is a truly unique addition that adds functionality and improved productivity to the application," says Jeff Cheney, product marketing manager for CyberViewer at Extensis. "In addition, CyberViewer works seamlessly with the newly released Extensis Fetch 1.5, allowing users to easily store Web pages as thumbnail images in a Fetch catalog."

After visiting pages on the World Wide Web, users can conveniently drag the thumbnail images from the CyberViewer palette to the Netscape Navigator Bookmark Window to bookmark specific Web pages. In addition, images can be dragged from CyberViewer to the Finder to create files which launch Netscape Navigator and display the selected Web page.

Images stored to the Finder can also be cataloged with Extensis Fetch 1.5. Each Web page is displayed as a graphical thumbnail that can contain keywords and be shared by multiple users over a network. The stored images can then be used to launch Netscape and load the selected Web page.

The integration of CyberViewer and Fetch 1.5 provides a sophisticated bookmarking system that offers users a convenient way to catalog Web pages and quickly navigate the Internet.

Additionally, CyberViewer is able to improve upon Netscape's history window by recording pages between Netscape sessions. Through additional preference settings users can determine how many pages CyberViewer will retain in the floating palette, how long it will hold those images and whether or not it plays a system sound to indicate that a page has completed loading (particularly useful when using multiple browser windows or if there is a slow Internet connection).

Download CyberViewer


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