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Extensis Ships PhotoTools Plug-ins for Photoshop


Extensis Corporation, a leading supplier of enhancement software for graphics applications, today shipped PhotoTools 1.0 for Adobe Photoshop. PhotoTools 1.0 provides the most comprehensive collection of productivity tools and useful special effects for Adobe Photoshop users.

"We took the top feature requests from a wide range of Photoshop users and created a very robust collection of plug-ins," says Kevin Hurst, PhotoTools product manager. "Our goal with PhotoTools 1.0 is to provide high-quality, easy-to-use tools that let novices and professionals be more productive and efficient when using Adobe Photoshop for a variety of tasks, including enhancing images, working with text, and applying everyday special effets such as drop shadows, bevels and glows."

Plug-in Package Offers Unprecedented Combination of Productivity and Special Effects Tools

Never before has one product contained the depth and variety of plug-ins offered by PhotoTools. Each of the components in PhotoTools is designed to address the everyday productivity and effects needs of all Photoshop users. While some of the components represent major improvements over existing products, other components are completely new to the Photoshop market. The eight PhotoTools 1.0 components include:

PhotoShadow -- Quickly and interactively create professional quality drop shadows in Adobe Photoshop. Includes a resizable preview with zoom in/out controls, save/reapply shadows, and unlimited shadow color choices (similar features are also included with PhotoBevel, PhotoGlow and PhotoEmboss).

PhotoBevel -- Adding beveled edges has never been easier. Create high-quality inner and outer bevels using four shapes: double, slope, round and flat.

PhotoGlow -- Lets users create a solid stroke or radiating glow around any selection area using an unlimited variety of colors.

PhotoEmboss -- Quickly create a variety of interesting cutout, emboss and relief effects.

PhotoText -- Create and format text with WYSIWYG control within Photoshop! Work with multiple text blocks and character level styles; adjust leading, tracking, kerning, character width and alignment; add unlimited text colors and anti-aliasing.

Intellihance Lite -- A "Lite" version of the best-selling intelligent image-enhancement tool from Extensis. One mouse click optimizes image saturation, sharpness, contrast, brightness and despeckle.

PhotoBars -- Create custom toolbars that allow one-click access to any Photoshop menu command. The "SmartBar" feature watches you and automatically builds toolbar buttons based on your most frequently accessed commands.

PhotoTips -- Deke McClelland, author of the Macworld Photoshop 3 Bible, provides more than 200 online Photoshop 3.0 & 4.0 tips and techniques displayed in a searchable, on-screen dialog.

"PhotoTools illustrates our innovative approach to developing application-enhancement software based on customer needs," says Craig Barnes, founder of Now Software and president of Extensis. "We researched market needs and engineered the products to include easy-to-use, compelling features that deliver professional-quality results. Our proven philosophy of providing a low-cost collection of powerful utilities that addresses the needs of a broad market has made us the recognized leader in the add-on market. Customers can look to Extensis for the majority of their application-enhancement needs and remain confident that they will receive a great value, stability, compatibility, consistency of operation and helpful, timely support."

PhotoTools 1.0 is available on the Macintosh for Adobe Photoshop users for an estimated street price of $99.95 (US).


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