The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services
The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Extreme 3D Now Supports VRML 2.0, Download Converter Here


Macromedia, Inc. announced that Extreme 3D™is now the first cross-platform 3D application to support VRML 2.0, empowering desktop 3D users to create content for delivery on the World Wide Web. With the new Extreme 3D to VRML 2.0 converter, Extreme 3D files can now be optimized for Web delivery through VRML-enabled browsers, including Netscape's Live 3D, Microsoft Internet Explorer, SGI's Cosmo and Intervista Software, Inc.'s WorldView 2.0. To develop the new converter, Macromedia collaborated with Intervista a San Francisco-based software company that develops enabling technology, construction tools and end-user applications for tomorrow's 3D Internet.

"Macromedia continues to bring cutting-edge Web technology to its developers," said Phil Schiller, Macromedia's vice president of Product Management. "This joint venture between Macromedia and Intervista further strengthens Extreme 3D's position as a market-innovator and adds additional value to the FreeHand Graphics Studio and the Director Multimedia Studio, the most powerful, integrated suites for graphic design and multimedia."

"VRML is revolutionizing interaction on the Internet. The 3D paradigm enabled by VRML will allow Internet users to navigate the Web in three dimensions, the same way they interact with the real world," said Tony Parisi, chief technical officer for Intervista Software. "Creative 3D professionals will now be able to enhance their skills and transfer their output from the desktop using Extreme 3D to the World Wide Web, all without programming experience." Francois Balmelle a beta tester at M/B Interactive in New York says "What's great about Macromedia's E3D to VRML solution is the time saved by using one application to repurpose content for conventional animation and Web delivery. The quality and fidelity of the output is great."

Extreme 3D is the only PC and Macintosh-based 3D tool that can create cutting-edge VRML 2.0 3D content for the Internet. Web and multimedia developers import their 3D content into the converter and follow simple instructions located in an HTML file available on the Macromedia Web site. The converter allows geometry, materials, lights, and cameras to be modeled in Extreme 3D and then converted to VRML 1.0 and 2.0 formats. It also supports associating URL address for anchors, inlines, and textures. Texture files can reside on a local machine or on the Web. The converter can also substitute a geometric primitive for further optimization.

About Extreme 3D Macromedia Extreme 3D is the most powerful solution for 3D graphics and animation. The award winning product enables users to model, animate and render in a single, integrated and easy-to-use 3D authoring solution on Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Extreme 3D 1.0 is available from resellers at an estimated street price of $499 and is included in the FreeHand Graphics Studio 2. The FreeHand Graphics Studio™is available from resellers at an estimated street price of $449 and is also available as an upgrade from the individual products in the FreeHand Graphic Studio for $499 or the Director Multimedia Studio for $999.

The new Extreme 3D to VRML 2.0 converter is available here.

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