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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Premiere Issue of 'Family Circle's Computers Made Easy'Attracts a Dozen Blue Chip Advertisers Including Apple


On the eve of the release of the first stand-alone computing guide for women, "Family Circle," a leading magazine for women, and "PC World," the leading magazine for PC-proficient managers, announced the advertising success of its first joint issue of "Family Circle's Computers Made Easy." The two publishers have agreed to publish two more issues next year, and further increase the frequency thereafter. "Computers Made Easy" is an editorial and advertising effort between "Family Circle" and "PC World" and the first magazine of its kind to target the women's technology market.

The launch issue attracted more than 40 pages of advertising, including blue-chip advertisers such as Apple Computer , Microsoft , Toshiba, Kodak, Intel, Packard Bell, Acer, Gateway 2000, GTE Entertainment, Canon Computer Systems, America Online and Prodigy . The premiere issue will hit newsstands and supermarket checkout pockets tomorrow. "Family Circle's Computers Made Easy" has a cover price of $3.99 and a total distribution of 600,000. The editorial lineup of the 84-page user-friendly consumer guide includes articles on buying, owning and operating computers, hardware and software options, kids and computers and the Internet.

Andreas Wiele, Senior Vice President, General Manager of G+J USA Publishing, the publisher of "Family Circle," said, "'Family Circle's Computers Made Easy' is the first magazine that really speaks to the needs of a broad audience, especially women and families who want to know more about the much talked about world of computers and the Internet. They now see a franchise they trust and can turn to. We also offer advertisers the perfect vehicle to reach the growing home market since 75 percent of women that use computers at home read women's magazines while only 13 percent read computer publications."

Rich Marino, President and CEO of PC World Communications, said, "We're extremely pleased with the success of our alliance with 'Family Circle.' Advertisers gave us an almost immediate vote of confidence when they saw a powerful combination that is the result of 'PC World''s expertise in technology and 'Family Circle''s experience in writing for and distributing to the women's market. Readers and advertisers alike can look forward to more successful issues packed with buying and using information, written especially for women."

The second and third issues of "Family Circle's Computers Made Easy" will be published April 22, 1997 and November 25, 1997 respectively.


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