The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services
The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Family Tree Maker for Macintosh Will Make It Simple to Preserve and Organize Their Family History


Family Tree Maker will soon be available for the Power Macintosh! The new Macintosh version will include all the features that make Family Tree Maker the best-selling family tree software for IBM-compatibles, with over 900,000 copies sold.

Family Tree Maker's popularity has boomed because it actually helps you find your ancestors -- its FamilyFinder Index of 115 million names helps you instantly identify which historical records include information on your own relatives. A link to takes you directly to a web site with thousands of Family Tree Maker users working together on tracing their family trees, plus valuable genealogy information and resources.

Not only does Family Tree Maker help you quickly find invaluable details about your family, it allows you to enjoy and preserve your heritage. You can print beautiful family trees and create Scrapbook albums that include photos and written stories.

A Macintosh version has been one of the most frequently requested "new features" over the last few years. "The Macintosh community has been craving a family tree program that will both preserve their family information and help them find new details about their ancestors. We're excited to be able to meet their needs with the new Macintosh version of Family Tree Maker," said Ken Hess, President of the Banner Blue Division of Broderbund Software.

FamilyFinder Uncovers the Details of Your Family History

Many people don't have the time or energy to visit libraries for weeks on end, or the patience to tolerate long delays for results from expensive genealogy search services. Tracing your family tree is both much faster and much easier with Family Tree Maker. Its FamilyFinder Index lists over 115 million individuals who appear in state and federal records, plus the World Family Tree.

Since the FamilyFinder is included free on your CD, you can perform unlimited searches to quickly identify the records that include your relatives. Detailed information from the records indexed by the FamilyFinder is available in the collection of Family Archive CDs. This incredible resource -- numbering over 60 CDs and growing -- is the largest collection of genealogical data available on CD- ROM, and will be fully compatible with the new Macintosh version.

Valuable Data Included -- Government Records and Thousands of Family Trees

The Family Tree Maker for Macintosh package also includes four of the most popular Family Archive CDs: Social Security Death Benefits Records and two World Family Tree CDs. The Social Security discs include important vital statistics (name, birth and death dates, Social Security number) you need to begin your research on relatives who have died since 1937.

The included World Family Tree CDs are the first two CDs resulting from the World Family Tree Project. This ongoing project gives family history enthusiasts the opportunity to contribute their own family tree to be placed on CD-ROM as a starting point for other researchers. A customer who uses the CD and finds a family member in one of the World Family Trees can potentially uncover an entire branch of their family tree. Then, they can use the free online Submitter Information Service to get the name and address of the person who contributed that original tree. Since both people are tracing the same family line, they often turn out to be distant cousins!

Launch Your Genealogy Research -- Direct Link

The Family Tree Maker Online web site is packed with valuable information to help you find your ancestors. Monthly "feature articles" offer in-depth advice on tracing your family tree. You'll also find a Directory of thousands of records offices, local libraries, and genealogical societies across the United States. Plus, the Index of Genealogy Resources links you to the most valuable genealogical and historical web sites. Other features create a vast online community of thousands of Family Tree Maker users working together to help each other trace their roots.

Record Favorite Memories in Scrapbook

We all know that there's a lot more to a family than just names and dates. That's why Family Tree Maker preserves all kinds of memories. You can embellish your family file with cherished family stories, and catalog all the details behind each individual and marriage. Plus, each person in Family Tree Maker has their own Scrapbook to preserve favorite memories, including photos, scanned documents such as birth certificates, and images from Photo CDs. Include photos in your family trees, or "play" the Scrapbook in an on-screen slide show to bring your family history to life!

Family Tree Maker will be shipping in early 1997. The expected average street price is $89.99.


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