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Farallon Reduces EtherWave Prices Up To 31 Percent; Transceivers As Low As $82


Farallon Communications, Inc. announced the largest price reductions ever for its EtherWave family of daisy-chainable, 10Base-T connectivity products for business and education customers. Designed for ease of use, Farallon's goal with this announcement is to also make EtherWave easier to afford. For education customers, Farallon has reduced prices up to 31 percent for 5 and 25 packs of EtherWave LC Cards to make it the most cost-effective solution for the education market. "As businesses and classrooms continue to grow, the cost of networking becomes even more critical," says Ken Haase, product manager at Farallon. "By offering our innovative EtherWave products at these unbeatable prices, we enable more businesses and schools to reap the flexibility and performance benefits that the products offer."

New Low U.S. Estimated Street Prices

Product Name Part Number Old Price NEW Price % Decrease EtherWave AAUI 10Base-T Transceiver (10 Pack) PN812a $980 $820 ($82/transceiver) 16% EtherWave NuBus Card PN890-TP $199 $159 20% EtherWave LC Card PN892-TP $199 $159 20% EtherWave LC Comm Slot Card YPN898 N/A* $99 - EtherWave LC Comm Slot Card (5 Pack) YPN898/5 N/A* $485 ($97/card) - EtherWave PowerBook PC Card PN895 N/A* $249 - Education Packs EtherWave LC Card (5 Pack) YPN892-TP/5 $859 $599 ($119/card) 30% EtherWave LC Card (25 Pack) YPN892-TP/25 $3859 $2669 ($106/card) 31%

* These EtherWave products are recent additions to the product line and were introduced with aggressive pricing, therefore no price changes were made with this announcement.

Economic Advantages of EtherWave

EtherWave offers significant savings vis-a-vis other 10Base-T network interface cards. When the total cost of implementation is considered, a customer can save as much as $226-240 per node with EtherWave.

EtherWave Innovation

The EtherWave family of network interface cards, transceivers and adapters incorporate a self-terminating, dual RJ-45 design that is considered breakthrough technology. The product is daisy chainable, which allows users to create a small network of up to eight devices without using a hub. With existing networks, EtherWave permits up to seven devices to be daisy chained off of each available 10Base-T hub port. For example, EtherWave and a standard four-port 10Base-T hub will support a network of up to 28 computers and printers. Rapid network growth that exceeds the number of hub ports is a common occurrence that is easily solved by using EtherWave. EtherWave eliminates the need to install new wire, run new network drops and purchase larger hubs.

Many schools use EtherWave to set up computer labs and save money when adding multiple computers in classrooms with only one or two network drops. Corporate offices and government agencies use EtherWave to add nodes to a network after the hub is full, while branch offices and small businesses use the product to install small networks quickly and easily without using a hub at all. "EtherWave has made 10Base-T networking dramatically easier for all size networks, reducing installation time as well as networking and maintenance costs," added Haase.

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