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Farallon Announces Streamline Starlet/16 Hub, Reduces Prices on 4 & 8-Port Models


Farallon Communications, Inc., announced the new Streamline Starlet/16 hub, an affordable small desktop hub with high port density for small businesses, schools and workgroups. Farallon has also announced U.S. price reductions of up to 13 percent on its four- and eight-port Starlet hubs. The Starlet hubs enable users to build an Ethernet network or expand an existing network effortlessly. The Streamline Starlet has 16 built-in RJ-45 ports, BNC and AUI uplink ports, robust LEDs and "plug-and-play" installation. "The average size of 10Base-T networks in schools and small businesses is continuing to grow," said Ken Haase, product manager. "Therefore our customers need solutions that are easy-to-use and fit their budget."

Streamline Starlet/16 Highlights Farallon's Streamline Starlet/16, priced less then $16 per port, is an easy-to-use hub that is affordable for small offices, schools and other workgroups. The Streamline Starlet/16 can be linked to multiple hubs via 10Base-T, thinnet (BNC) or thick Ethernet or fiber backbones (AUI). Product highlights include: o 16 built-in RJ-45 ports

o BNC and AUI uplink ports

o Small desktop design with wall mount brackets

o 10Base-T cross-over cable and BNC-T connector included

o "At-a-glance" network management with status LEDs

o Support for any Ethernet compatible network operating system or protocol such as NetWare, LAN Manager, Windows for Workgroups, LANtastic, AppleShare, TCP/IP, DECnet, and IPX

o Lifetime warranty

o External power supply (provided separately with international model)

Four- and Eight-Port Hubs The Ether10-T Starlet hubs are unmanaged 10Base-T Ethernet hubs that connect Ethernet devices in a reliable star network. The multiple hubs can be connected to expand a network, using the additional BNC (thinnet) port on all models, and the AUI port the Starlet/8. Moreover, networking management is easy with `at-a-glance' diagnostic LEDs. The low-cost Ether10-T Starlet hubs are available in four-, eight- and 16-port models. They feature management LEDs, flexible uplink ports, and wall or rack mounting options, making the hubs an excellent choice for small and medium-sized networks. In addition, customers can expand their Starlet hubs by using Farallon's patented EtherWave family of 10Base-T network interface cards, transceivers and adapters to daisy-chain up to seven devices off of each available hub port. For example, EtherWave and a four-port 10Base-T hub will support a network of up to 28 computers and printers.

The Streamline Starlet/16 is immediately available worldwide. New Starlet Hub U.S. Estimated Street Prices

Product Name Part Number Old Price NEW Price % Decrease Streamline Starlet/16 PN515/16s-1 - $249 - Ether10-T Starlet/8 PN515/8-1 $149 $129 13% Ether10-T Starlet/4 PN515/4-1 $119 $109 8%


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