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Farallon Announces First PowerBook 1400 Internal Ethernet Card


Farallon Communications announced the first internal Ethernet card for Apple's new PowerBook 1400, also announced today. The EtherMac PB 1400 Card, expected to be available in the first quarter of 1997, fits into the PowerBook 1400 video slot and provides 10Base-T Ethernet capabilities via an RJ-45 port that is accessible from the back of the PowerBook 1400. Requiring only the bundled standard RJ-45 cable for connectivity to the network, schools, individuals, business people and mobile users will reap the convenience and mobility benefits of not having external connectors or modules. Pricing will be announced at a later date.

Based on SMC's high performance Ethernet controller, the EtherMac PB 1400 Card performs at speeds equivalent to standard size cards. The card is designed to be user installable, however users can also bring it to an Apple authorized reseller for installation. Farallon includes an easy to use one button installer and user-friendly diagnostic software. The card also features MacSNMP compatibility and provides a 10Base-T link LED for at-a-glance management.

With this announcement, Farallon continues to offer the broadest range of mobile connectivity products to meet the needs of personal computer users everywhere. Farallon has certified that all of its existing networking products for PowerBooks are also compatible with the PowerBook 1400. These products include the EtherMac LAN/Modem PC Card, EtherMac PC Card, EtherWave PowerBook PC Card, and AirDock. Further, all these solutions are 100 percent Open Transport compatible.

"The EtherMac PB 1400 Card is designed for users who prefer to have Ethernet built into the PowerBook," said Ken Haase, product manager. "While many users will prefer the flexibility of our EtherMac and EtherWave PC Cards, or our LAN/Modem PC Card, this solution offers a permanent Ethernet port within the system which is a very attractive alternative."


Farallon's new EtherMac PB 1400 Card includes many features designed to provide high performance, compatibility and ease of use, including:

Provides 10Base-T Ethernet via PowerBook 1400 internal video slot
User installable
RJ-45 cable plugs directly into back of PowerBook
Based on SMC's high performance Ethernet controller
One button installation
Includes link LED and diagnostic software
Compatible with Open Transport, AppleTalk, TCP/IP and MacSNMP
Supports popular network operating systems including AppleShare, NetWare and Windows NT


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