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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Fax For Free on the Net With MagicFax, Mac Version Available in '97


Clarity Software, Inc. may be revolutionizing faxing by making it possible for users of MagicFax, its software for the World Wide Web, to send faxes anywhere in the world for free. The software is the first of its kind that allows individuals in companies of all sizes to send faxes to other MagicFax users around the world without receiving any phone bills or monthly service bills.

Faxes sent to non-MagicFax users will save substantially on transmission costs, as MagicFax routes the fax to the sender's MagicFax Web Server nearest to the recipient to avoid long distance charges.

An average international five-page fax sent from the U.S.A. to Japan costs approximately $18 over traditional phone lines. However, that same fax sent by MagicFax over the Web can be free of all phone charges.

To try MagicFax, you need not purchase expensive hardware or software, but simply download MagicFax and install it on your Netscape or Microsoft Web server. MagicFax is available for free by downloading from Clarity's Web site for a public beta period starting December 2. This free downloading will be initially for UNIX or Windows NT servers as well as Windows and UNIX clients. Additional servers and clients, including Macintosh and additional UNIX platforms, will be available in first quarter 1997.

For greater administrative controls and advanced fax management capabilities, Clarity Software is developing a variety of optional add-on modules called Fax Packs that will begin shipping in early 1997. Included in these are the Connector Pack, which provides support for sending faxes from fax machines at no cost; Manager Pack, which offers extensive fax management controls and reporting; the Protector Pack, which encrypts and decrypts sensitive faxes for sending through the Internet; the Director Pack for routing incoming faxes directly to recipients; the Responder Pack for fax on demand systems; and others. MagicFax supports both Dialogic and Multitech modems, which may be purchased from Clarity Software.


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