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Film Scouts Festival Fever Feast of Fall Technical-support From Apple Computer, Cybercasts from the Europe


Film Scouts feeds your festival fever with a feast of fall cybercasts from the Edinburgh, Telluride, Deauville, Venice, Toronto and New York film festivals.

Turn on, tune in and find out the latest and the best in new films -- from Hollywood blockbusters to independent visions. If you can't go in person, be there virtually.

Film Scouts continues to feature the best of summer cinema from the majors and the indies. Currently playing are: Universal's ``The Frighteners,'' Miramax's ``Trainspotting,'' Gramercy's ``The Trigger Effect,'' October's ``Small Faces,'' New Line's ``The Adventures of Pinocchio'' and Warner Bros.' ``Tin Cup,'' among Film Scouts' many original programs and archives from events around the world.

While Cannes may be concluded, Film Scouts on the Riviera (the 1996 Cannes International Film Festival) continues to feature updated pages of reminiscences, reviews and celebrity sightings up and down the Croisette.

Looking ahead to 1997, the 50th-anniversary year of the Cannes International Film Festival, Film Scouts will present Film Scouts on the Riviera as a yearlong event, celebrating La Belle France and all the glamour that is Cannes.

Forget winter and spend time on the Riviera with Film Scouts, and reminiscence about the last 50 years of Cannes. Join us on the virtual yacht, M.V. Film Scout, as we set sail from New York in November for chats, games, pop quizzes and features and a leisurely, star-studded ride to Cannes' 50th-birthday party.

First known for the widely popular Web coverage of the 1995 Cannes Film Festival, Film Scouts has become a year-round movie and entertainment site with high praise from all the major Web pointers and reviewers.

Netscape, Point, Magellan, Excite, I-World, Net Guide, Internet Underground, Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, USA Today and others have all given Film Scouts top ratings. Variety recently called Film Scouts ``the coolest place on the Net.''

Film Scouts is a multimedia domain on the Internet's World Wide Web that presents original coverage of Hollywood, film festivals, and international and independent film.

Featuring original multimedia programming, movie trailers and stills, celebrity interviews, useful information, humor, and reviews and commentary by renowned writers, Film Scouts delivers images, sounds and text that put visitors virtually on the scene at movie premieres and film events around the world.

Film Scouts is an independent voice with news and commentary on the entertainment world, with coverage of Hollywood films, independent films and film festivals. Film Scouts has an impressive crew of writers, covering festivals like Sundance, Berlin, New York, Venice, Montreal and more.

The site features clips and full-length trailers from the latest films from Hollywood and elsewhere, as well as stills and production information. Film Scouts also delivers unique, original videos, photographs and articles by our writers that include reviews, interviews, diaries and comment, all done exclusively for Film Scouts.

On the lighter side, the Film Scouts ``Language Lab'' pokes fun at the entertainment business, and on a serious note, the ``Reference Library'' contains an extensive film-festival database with dates, entry information, descriptions and hyperlinks.

Film Scouts offers innovative opportunities for marketing partnerships, corporate sponsorships and various promotional tie-ins. Film Scouts provides advertisers and marketers direct association with the glamour and power of Hollywood entertainment as well as the ability to reach their target audiences through one of the most exciting World Wide Web domains on the Internet.

Film Scouts sponsors currently include Tanqueray, Boboli and The Image Group, and technical-support collaborators have included Apple Computer (for the 1996 Sundance Film Festival), INRIA (for the 1996 Cannes festival) and UNET's Keep Talking Chat server.

Our server is (Digital Telemedia Inc., New York, a high-speed connect to the Internet). Our content partners include Universal Pictures, Miramax, New Line, Fine Line, Warner Bros., Disney, Paramount, Sony, 20th Century Fox, MGM and independent artists from all over the world.

Film Scouts is the latest production of Mayra Langdon Riesman. Riesman is a film and multimedia producer with extensive experience in Hollywood motion pictures and the European film community. Riesman and her company, Webcast Multimedia Inc., publish and produce the Film Scouts World Wide Web site.


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