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Flexware International Acquires Mac Accounting Software


FlexWare International LLC, a privately owned software technologies company, headquartered in Los Angeles, has purchased the FlexWare' line of Apple Macintosh accounting software from State Of The Art Inc. of Irvine, California.

FlexWare' is the premier high performance enterprise accounting software tool for the Apple Macintosh family of computers. The latest release, Version 8, has received outstanding reviews from notable Macintosh media publications. Fliexware''s seamless integrated modules provide ease of use, versatility and adaptability to a broad spectrum of complex business needs. Flexible, powerful, fast and PowerMac native, FlexWare''s twelve modules are best suited for multi-user client/server network applications.

According to FlexWare's president, Marc Seidner, "FlexWare International is enthusiastic about the tremendous growth opportunity the acquisition of this superb business software products line affords us. We are committed to meet the challenge of building FlexWare' into the dominant Macintosh accounting management tool for emerging MacOS technologies, internet and intranet applications. FlexWare International's energetic management team combines vision, experience, skill and creativity. The company will be launching a series of new comprehensive product revisions and institute extensive support, training, educations and marketing programs focused on a repidly increasing MaxOS base of business users, resellers, developers and accounting professionals."

Adminstrative and executive offices in West Los Angeles will be linked to the new combined engineering development and training facility in the standard Ranch area of Rocklin, California. The original talented FlexWare' development engineers with twenty-seven years of combined experience, Bernie Mulcahy and Gary Wright, have joined the company as Applications and Systems engineering managers in Rocklin. Training and Support management positions will be announced next month. Marketing and strategic development activities will orignate in Los Angeles. Daniel Seidner, a highly qualified, experienced systems engineer will be chiefly responisbile for strategic development and new technologyu. As extensive informational Web site is under development and will be found next month at .

The management of FlexWare believes that a significantly expanded global MasOS presence will result from recent new directions at Apple and the production of MacOS based systems from IBM, Motorola, Power Computing, Tatung, Umax. A reservoir of potential clients in diverse markets presently using aging PC's, will be seeking new ease of use MacOS solutions. Numerous small and medium sized businesses growing into the more complex client/server market will seek and optimum accounitng solution as well. FlexWare' is the best available accounting software solution due to the adaptability of its many features. The company intends to implement international initiatives creating unique and discreet MacOS accounting tools for Asia, the South Pacific and the India subcontinent.

The company is a member of the Apple Business Consortium and is exhibiting at the Business Solutions Pavilion at MacWorld, Boston in August 1996.


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