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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services


Macintosh Flight Simulator Shadow Riders Web Site Launched


For about the past three years, a large squadron of Macintosh flight simulator pilots has played a key role as an advocate for Macintosh flight sim software. Known as the VFA-13 Shadow Riders, the group has helped the Mac gain air superiority by taking the OS battle into the skies. Through mature discussions, user support, and encouragement of vendors, Mac flight sims have improved dramatically and are now the envy of many Wintel users. Hardware has also improved, with top quality flight control systems now available for Macintosh.

Recently the Shadow Riders launched a web site dedicated to helping Macintosh owners celebrate the joy of virtual flight. The site offers lots of information on Mac flight sim software and hardware. You'll discover detailed product reviews, software tips and tricks, information on supplemental material such as books and CD-ROMs, and even our very own "Top Gun" air combat training course so you can learn to wax those PC-weenies when you face them in online air-to-air combat.


To take full advantage of what the Shadow Riders have to offer, you're invited to drop into the official discussion area on CompuServe's MAUG forum. With hundreds of messages each week on the latest and greatest products, this is one of the busiest places on the online service. Vendors frequent the forum, answering questions and providing up-to-date information. There's also a wonderful sense of camaraderie--a genuine example of the Macintosh community spirit. Membership is open to everyone, but requires a CompuServe account. We've made it possible to get a free trial membership so you can give it a try.


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