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Football Statistics Software GameDay Incorporates On-Screen Point & Click Scoring


A point and click method for scoring football games has been announced by Legacy Software.

GameDay, as the software is to be marketed, allows for real-time tracking of play-by-play statistics. The data entry screen has a representation of a football field. On a new possession, click from the choice of how the ball was obtained, punt, interception, kickoff, etc. Then click to the yard line to set the forward progress and line of scrimmage. Enter the passer, carrier, receiver, and tackler info, and the rest is automatic.

Click List View, and a graphic representation on the series, quarter, or the entire game is shown in living color. GameDay even show losses in red. The graph always shows the start of the drive, and the progress on each play along with the type of play and other stats.

GameDay will be shipping in the middle of October. Separate versions will be available for NCAA reporting, high schools, and media personnel.

With the proper CGIs on a Macintosh, stats and graphics can be posted to a web site for fans to follow action live. The only thing missing is the commercials.

Prices have not been announced. Demos for Mac or Windows are available at a nominal cost. Demos include toll free phone support. Contact: Legacy Software


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