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Wright Strategies, FormLogic Software for Automating Field Workers with MessagePad 2000


Wright Strategies today announced support for the new Apple MessagePad 2000 hand-held computer. As part of this support, Wright Strategies will optimize its industry-leading FormLogic software platform for the powerful features of the MessagePad 2000.

FormLogic automates mobile workers whose current technology is a pencil and a clipboard, and provides them with two-way connectivity to the corporate data sources such as mail servers, corporate databases, and Intranets. With FormLogic, traditional paper forms become intelligent screens that streamline data collection and exchange for field service workers, health care providers, salespeople, market researchers, inspectors, surveyors, and other mobile professionals for whom a laptop is impractical or cost prohibitive.

According to Jay Wright, founder and CEO of Wright Strategies, the Apple MessagePad 2000, which combines a powerful processor and sophisticated features with a compact design and light weight, provides an ideal hardware platform for FormLogic. "The MessagePad 2000 is an inexpensive, powerful handheld computer designed specifically for the needs of mobile workers, and FormLogic offers a comprehensive software platform for the development, deployment, and management of turnkey mobile solutions. Combined, these products will put the power of the enterprise in the hands of mobile workers."

The MessagePad 2000 offers distinct features which strengthen the power of the FormLogic solution. Not only does the MessagePad 2000 enable the addition of infrared transport to FormLogic's communications capabilities, but its two PCMCIA cards allow mobile workers to add useful peripherals such as modems and memory cards simultaneously. The greatly enhanced speed and features of the MessagePad 2000 will allow mobile workers to perform more complex and larger- scale FormLogic applications.


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