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FormSaver 1.6.0 Plug-in/ACGI Available, Download both here


FormSaver is now available as a WebStar Plugin or as an ACGI. Both are distributed as FAT binaries, for optimal performance on any Macintosh.

What is FormSaver?

FormSaver allows you to easily implement HTML forms for user feedback. For example, you may wish to set up a form for ordering or registering products, accepting user feedback, and so on. FormSaver takes all the information entered on the form and saves it into a tab-delimitted file. Next, if all goes well, a custom response file is loaded up and displayed to the user. The owner of the page can download this tab-delimitted file on a regular basis and import it into any database program. The user can do this on any platform, be it Mac, PC, or Unix, because all the data is stored in a plain text file. The output file is called filename.fs, assuming your html file is called filename.html. And it is saved in the same directory as the html file.

Great for end users, because of its ease of installation and use.

Essential for ISP's. One copy of FormSaver can host the forms for your entire site. Your users can access their data files through FTP, because their data is saved in the same location as their web pages.

Download the ACGI version of FormSaver.

Download the Plug-in version of FormSaver.

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