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Four11 to Provide Directory Services to 10 Major Online Content Providers


Four11 Corporation announced plans to provide its leading "white pages" directory services to 10 major online content providers including Yahoo!, Infoseek , NYNEX , U S WEST, WebTV Networks Inc. and @Home Network. These strategic agreements will provide direct home page access from these sites to Four11's vast personal email, telephone and other directory listings, enabling global Internet audiences to easily locate and contact one another.

"Through these partnerships, both new and seasoned Internet users will now have increased access to the most comprehensive resource on the Web for locating friends, relatives and associates across the world," said Michael Santullo, president of Four11. "Four11's high-quality white pages information will enhance our new partners' services, while advertisers benefit from greatly increased traffic to the Four11 site."

Four11 Leads White Pages Market

Four11 is currently the preferred resource for finding people online, and provides white pages directory services to more Internet users across the world than any other service. Four11 delivers over one million page views to users per day, and is consistently ranked as one of the most highly visited sites on the Internet by PC Meter, an online market research service. In addition to currently providing a complete U.S. telephone white pages directory and more than 8 million unique e-mail address listings, Four11 includes address information about personal Web pages, Internet telephone numbers, digital business cards, and digital PGP certificates that enable secure e-mail.

"People use the Internet principally for information and communication, and as a leading online directory resource, it is important for us to offer comprehensive white pages services to our users," said Daniella Russo, vice president of product management for Infoseek. "Four11's high-quality listings and superior technology made them a natural partner in this category."

Ten Strategic Partnerships

Four11 will now be providing white pages directory services to an expanded list of partners comprised of major Internet directories, online yellow pages, online content and Internet access providers, including:

* BigYellow ( -- Four11's email and telephone directories are accessible from the home page of NYNEX's national online yellow pages directory. This leading Internet directory and information center provides access to Four11's comprehensive telephone and email directories via the NYNEX BigYellow site.

* Yahoo! ( -- Four11 recently added its national residential telephone directory to "People Search." Four11 has exclusively provided its email directory to Yahoo! since April 1996.

* U S WEST ( -- Four11 will provide the residential telephone listings and email directory to U S WEST's newly expanded nationwide yellow pages on the Internet.

* WorldPages ( -- Four11 is contributing its comprehensive white pages directories to this centralized international information resource site which also features 112 million U.S. and Canadian white and yellow pages listings and a powerful interactive mapping system.

* The WebTV Network(R) ( -- This celebrated new TV Internet access features the Four11 directory on the home page of its customized browser.

* @Home Network(TM) ( -- Four11 is currently a white pages directory provider for the company's broadband interactive service which is available in Fremont, CA., and will be activated in Hartford, CT., Baltimore, MD, Arlington Heights, IL, and Orange County, CA by the end of this year.

* NetGuide Live ( -- Four11 has been established as the exclusive white pages information provider to CMP Media's new Web site that guides users to the best places on the Web, tracks changes at top sites and lists daily Internet news.

* OpenText ( -- Four11's directory of over 8 million unique email addresses is now available through Open Text, a provider of intranet application software, tools and services.

* Smith Micro ( -- Four11 will provide people searching services to the commerce-enabled Web site of this leading provider of Internet communications software.

* ( -- The Four11 directory is accessible from the home page of this centralized information and entertainment resource for college students nationwide.


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