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FREE Email/web Based Mac Programming Course

Where you can find information on those behind the MOST effort - MOST stands for MacOS Students & Teachers - and how to join in. The current course, which is now into its third week and has over 160 enrolled, is based on K.J. Bricknell's "Macintosh C: A Hobbyist's Guide to Programming the Macintosh in C" (which is superb).

The method of delivery is self-study, 2 weeks per chapter, with mailing lists provided for discussion of the current chapter. A number of experienced Mac programmers act as Mentors on the lists, answering queries raised by the class. Follow the instructions at the page above to enroll.

Prerequisites are a knowledge of C (there are remedial materials available,but this course is not intended to teach you C), a development environment (demonstration programs are for Symantec's THINK C and CodeWarrior), and access to KJ's book. You can be found the info here.