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Free Radio Air Time


Do your friends say you talk too much about Mac OS computers? Want a chance to get some free product "air time" on a national radio computer talk show and put in a few good words for the Mac OS platform? Thomas Piwowar, the "Mac Guy" on the monthly call-in radio program "The Computer Guys," needs more Macintosh callers. Please tune in and call in your Macintosh tips, tricks, success stories, and questions during his show.

Piwowar appears on the "Derek McGinty Show," broadcast at 1 p.m. the first Tuesday of every month on the following public radio stations:

* KUAR--Little Rock, AK * KVOC--Odessa, TX * WAMU--Washington, DC * WFAE--Charlotte, NC * WFSU--Tallahassee, FL * WHYY--Philadelphia, PA * WKNA--Memphis, TN * WKNQ--Dyersberg, TN * WUOM--Ann Arbor, MI * WVPE--Elkhart, IL

(If your city isn't on this list, you may want to ask your local public radio station to look into carrying the show.)


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