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Free Upgrade To Movie Cleaner Pro V1.3, Download here


Terran Interactive is releasing another free upgrade to Movie Cleaner Pro, which MacAddict just called "Freakin' Awesome!" This will be our last free upgrade before version 2.0 is released. Version 2.0 will be a major improvement released early next year, and will be a paid upgrade.

Why Upgrade?

Movie Cleaner Pro 1.3 has a many improvements designed to give you more control of the video compression process, including:
AppleScript Support!
New ability to support frame rates below 1fps. Great for slide shows!
Support for other data type such as Music (MIDI), Text, Sprites, etc..
New ability to process variable frame rate movies
Performance enhancements
Overall speed improvement
Fixes minor bugs
It's Free!

Use Web-Motion's expert system to optimize your QuickTime settings for video playback over the WWW. Web-Motion makes it easy. With over 700 precompressed example movies, the Web Expert will show you what your results will look like; all you do is select the video that looks the best. During the interview, you'll see what you can expect -- before you compress! Web-Motion even creates the HTML code needed to embed the movie into your page. Making the great low data-rate video has never been easier!

Order Web-Motion for $99.95 and save $30 off our SRP.

Download the update from version 1.2

Download the update from version 1.21


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