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Send-anything-ware Line of Macintosh Only Games, Download here


TwIN Software Group announced that its entire send-anything-ware line of Macintosh only games is available for FREE downloading .

Their flagship game is the Virtually Unreal Adventure, MYSTy 3, a parody of the best-selling CD-ROM game MYST. MYSTy features stunning 3-D graphics, QuickTimeVR nodes and sub-parodies of Bungie's Marathon and Ambrosia's Maelstorm. Not to mention puns, bad riddles and even worse Arkansas jokes.

MacUser On-Line rated MYSTy with FIVE mices, calling the game "arresting." Phillip Dyer of Ziff-Davis writes, "MYSTy still requires a lot of resources, but it's worth it: you'll be blown away by the game's thoroughness."

Download MYSTy for PowerMac

Download MYSTy for 68K Macs.


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