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Mail Exchange Between Mobile Devices and PCs; Presto!Mail and Presto!Links


General Magic, Inc. announced immediate availability of a new version of its e-mail and Web browser software -- Presto!Mail and Presto!Links 2.0 -- for personal Internet communicators (PICs). The upgraded application, designed to run on Sony Magic Link and Motorola Envoy communicators based on the Magic Cap operating system, offers users the ability to exchange rich mail including graphics, sound and animation with PC users running Magic Cap for Windows '95.

"Magic Link and Envoy users have always been at the cutting edge of mobile communications. Presto!Mail and Presto!Links provided the first integrated Internet e-mail and graphical Web browser for handheld devices," said Steve Schramm, vice president and general manager for General Magic's Communications Products Division. "Now with version 2.0 these mobile users can communicate with PC users using rich messaging with Magic Cap for Windows '95."

Other enhancements to the upgrade include improved quality and reliability, plus new scripting to support secure dial-in to networks. Presto!Mail users can easily add graphics, sound and animation to their e-mails. Magic Cap's easy-to-use user interface is designed around familiar looking objects such as "postcards," "stationery" and "in" and "out" boxes where both e-mail and faxes can be sent and retrieved.

Presto!Links 2.0 provides full graphical Internet browsing from handheld communicators, giving mobile users all the features they expect from a typical desktop computer browser, but tailored to a small device. Users can selectively download graphics, bookmark pages, cache previously retrieved Web pages and maintain multiple Internet access numbers.

Presto!Links and Presto!Mail 2.0 are available immediately. Upgrades are available directly from General Magic at 1-888-BEWITCH. The upgrade is free to registered Presto!Mail and Presto!Links users. The application is supplied on Windows and Macintosh diskettes, and requires Magic Xchange to download to the PIC with at least 500 kilobytes of available space.


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