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GetCardServices XFCN Released


Iverson Software eleased the GetCardServices XFCN 1.0 on September 14, 1996. It is for use with all application development environments which use XCMDs and XFCNs, such as Authorware, Director, HyperCard, SuperCard, and others.

GetCardServices takes no parameters. If the PC Card Manager is present the function returns two items: the first tells whether Card Services are present, the second tells whether the manager supports I/O requests. The function returns Undefined if the PC Card Manager is not present.

This external is free for purely personal use. A license fee of $10.00 is required if you use this external in any in-house corporate, shareware or freeware products. The license fee for unlimited commercial use in a SINGLE “for sale” product is $25.00. The license fee for unlimited commercial use with MULTIPLE products is $100.00.

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