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Iverson Software Announces GetOpenTransport XFCN 1.0


Iverson Software released the GetOpenTransport XFCN 1.0. It is for use with all application development environments which use XCMDs and XFCNs, such as Authorware, Director, HyperCard, SuperCard, and others.

GetOpenTransport takes no parameters. If OpenTransport is loaded, the function returns a list of 9 items, otherwise it returns 'Undefined'.

The returned items: 1. Open Transport Present (true/false) 2. Open Transport Loaded (true/false) 3. Open Transport AppleTalk Present (true/false) 4. Open Transport AppleTalk Loaded (true/false) 5. Open Transport TCP/IP Present (true/false) 6. Open Transport TCP/IP Loaded (true/false) 7. Open Transport IPX/SPX Present (true/false) 8. Open Transport IPX/SPX Loaded (true/false) 9. Open Transport Version

This external is free for purely personal use. A license fee of $10.00 is required if you use this external in any iin-housei corporate, shareware or freeware products. The license fee for unlimited commercial use in a SINGLE ifor salei product is $25.00. The license fee for unlimited commercial use with MULTIPLE products is $100.00.

Permission is hereby granted to all groups who distribute demo software, either for profit (such as EduCorp) or not for profit (such as a Macintosh Users Group), to include this file in their collection. My goal is to get as much exposure for my products as possible, and I believe that these groups offer an invaluable service to shareware publishers like the author.


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