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Global Village New Value-Priced 33.6 Mac Modems


Global Village Communication Inc. entered the 33.6 Kbps modem market today with a low-cost high-speed desktop fax/modem for small and home office Macintosh users who want fast, easy access to the Internet plus the ability to easily send and receive faxes from their computers -- all in one box.

Global Village's new TelePort 33.6 Internet Edition adds a variety of new features including:

33.6 Kbps data speed, 14.4 Kbps fax speed to give users the fastest analog connections possible

An Internet connection kit provided by NETCOM to provide complete Internet access, software and support needed to make getting online hassle-free

A new Setup Helper that takes the user through a step-by-step setup of the fax software to help them get up and running faster

Drag-and-drop faxing capability from the desktop to make sending a fax faster and more convenient

On-screen status to give users detailed information about their modem connection and modem performance, and is visible in the menu from any application

An expanded address book where users can conveniently store all their important fax and telephone numbers in one place

Improved smart dialing to automatically adjust dialing sequences based on location for both telephone and fax calls

Apple Guide Reference to provide on-line assistance with AT commands needed to connect to Bulletin Board Services and other remote computers

"We're offering our customers a hassle-free communication solution by including hardware, software, service and support in one box," said Charlie Oppenheimer, vice-president and general manager of Global Village's Communication Systems Division. "The TelePort 33.6 Internet Edition is unlike any other product in its class. It provides complete, high-speed Internet access with unique Global Village software for a very affordable price."

The TelePort 33.6 Internet Edition is currently available from Global Village's worldwide network of resellers and distributors for an estimated street price of $169-$179. For more information, customers can contact Global Village at 800/736-4821.


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