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Global Village Makes Exchanging Files as Easy as Faxing with GlobalTransfer 1.0 Download Lite Version here


Global Village Communication Inc. is now shipping GlobalTransfer 1.0, an easy-to-use file transfer program for Windows 95 and Macintosh systems that gives computer users a more reliable, immediate and inexpensive way to share information using their modems.

More and more, computer users need to share documents with remotely located co-workers, clients and vendors. Traditional methods of sending information -- faxing, e-mail, overnight delivery and terminal emulation programs -- are not optimized for simple, person-to-person file transfer.

GlobalTransfer provides a reliable, easy-to-use and cost-efficient means of immediately transferring electronic documents. The software's intuitive design walks users through sending and receiving files. In addition, document senders get immediate confirmation when files are received.

"Global Village wants to make file transfer easy-to-use and accessible to both PC and Macintosh users," said Charlie Oppenheimer, vice president and general manager of Global Village's Communication Systems Division. "GlobalTransfer is simply a better way to share information than alternative methods."

Windows 95 Features

GlobalTransfer 1.0 for Windows 95 and Macintosh provides users with a phone book for listing frequently used numbers, multiple file transfer capabilities and confirmed delivery notification. The Windows 95 version offers the following additional features.

Long file name support makes handling of Windows 95 files easier.

Drag-and-drop support allows users to easily transfer a file or folder of files by simply dragging the item(s) onto the

GlobalTransfer application icon, or by using the right mouse-button "send to" capability of Windows 95.

A file log easily references past transfers and receipts.

Filename extensions are added to receive Macintosh files allowing Windows 95 users to double-click on the file icon and launch the correct application.

Simultaneous voice and data capabilities allow users to transfer files while talking on the phone.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Unlike proprietary remote access and file transfer programs, GlobalTransfer 1.0 uses the industry-standard, cross-platform Zmodem file transfer protocol. This standards-based compatibility makes it possible to exchange files with a majority of PC and Macintosh users making GlobalTransfer compatible with software from a variety of vendors.

"Most fax machines can talk to each other because they conform to industry standards," said Oppenheimer. "Similarly, GlobalTransfer uses an industry-standard protocol enabling it to transfer files with any personal computer."

Point and Click Simplicity

Sending a file with GlobalTransfer is simple. Users click on a "Send Files" button, select the file and recipient, click the "Send" button and their file is transferred to the recipient's computer. To receive files from another computer, users click on a "Receive Files" button.

GlobalTransfer will automatically answer the incoming call, createa folder with the current date and store the files in that folder. Because the files are transferred directly, users don't have to worryabout their files being delayed or corrupted by e-mail.

Free Receive Version

GlobalTransfer Lite is a free receive-only version of the product that users can distribute to co-workers, clients and vendors. GlobalTransfer Lite in Windows 95 and Macintosh versions is included with GlobalTransfer 1.0. In addition, GlobalTransfer Lite will also send files during a 30-day trial period.

Download GlobalTransfer Lite

GlobalTransfer is available in one-, two- and 10-packs for $29.95, $44.95 and $199.95 (plus shipping and handling) by calling Global Village at 800/469-9892. GlobalTransfer 1.0 requires the following system configurations:

Windows 95 - IBM 486/33-based or higher

Apple Mac or compatible, 68020 or higher

Windows 95

System 7.0 or later

8 MB system RAM

1 MB available RAM

3 MB available disk space

1 MB available disk space

14,400 bps (V.32bis) or higher

14,400 bps (V.32bis)

VGA or higher video display




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