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Global Village Delivers First 33.6 Kbps Modem For The Mac that Is Also A Speakerphone


Global Village Communication Inc. introduced Teleport Speakerphone Edition -- the industry's first 33.6 Kbps modem that is also a standalone speakerphone even when your computer is turned off. The TelePort Speakerphone Edition is the only speakerphone modem to have frequently used controls like the microphone mute, speaker volume and answer/hang-up buttons placed on the exterior of the modem itself. This lets users answer and switch to speakerphone calls by pushing a single button, change the speaker volume by sliding a lever and mute the microphone with the touch of a button -- even when the Macintosh is turned off. "Consistent with our philosophy to design personal communications products that are hassle-free, we've taken a new approach to speakerphone modems with this product," said Charlie Oppenheimer, vice president and general manager of Global Village's Communication Systems Division. "If you think about how people expect a speakerphone to work, they would expect to be able to answer the phone whether the computer is on or off. The TelePort Speakerphone Edition gives customers the highest possible modem speed with high-quality speakerphone features to make this product a tool people can easily use and appreciate." The product also comes with Global Village-developed telephone and fax software, making it a single-vendor solution for seamless integration of hardware, software, customer service and support unlike most other modems for the Macintosh.

Advanced Speakerphone Features

Designed to be an equal partner to the telephone as well as the computer, the TelePort Speakerphone Edition's innovative, hands-free design lets users engage in hands-free speakerphone calls and maintain their competitive edge by working on their Macs while talking on the telephone. The product's full-duplex speakerphone technology allows both parties to speak at the same time, eliminating clipped conversations. The simultaneous voice and data (SVD) feature allows users to send and receive computer files while talking to another party on the same telephone line.

Advanced Telephone Features

Global Village designed the TelePort Speakerphone Edition to be easy to use in real-life situations. Unlike other speakerphone modems on the market, the TelePort Speakerphone Edition lets the user pick up an attached telephone for privacy or hang up the phone and switch back to speakerphone mode without clicking any menus in the software. Another example of the product's ease of use is the intelligent hold capability that automatically releases the call on hold when any extension phone is picked up -- even if it's in another room -- making it unnecessary to walk back to hang up the first phone.

New Software Adds Value

As the leading provider of personal communication products for the Macintosh, Global Village developed the TelePort Speakerphone Edition's unique hardware, as well as its advanced set-up, telephone and fax software. The easy, intuitive Setup Helper makes one-time installation and configuration of the product quick and painless. An on-screen assistant guides the user through a simple, customized configuration of voice and fax software to complement their existing telephone and answering machine. Teleport Speakerphone Edition is the only product on the market to provide on-screen status to give users real-time information about their modem connection speed and performance. This status information is visible in the menu bar from any application. Global Village Call Center software allows users to place, receive and manage telephone calls from their Macintosh. It provides single-screen access to voicemail, phone controls (e.g., hold, flash and redial), telephone numbers in the address book and a customizable speed dial list. The address book is shared with the company's GlobalFax software for simplified tracking of telephone and fax numbers and also displays Caller ID information giving the user the option to answer a call or send it to voicemail. Global Village Call Center also can wait for incoming calls in the background to conserve screen real estate. It notifies users of new messages by a flashing icon on the computer screen and by an LED on the modem itself, in case the computer is in a power saving mode. Call Center allows users to retrieve messages remotely from any touchtone phone. It includes a toll-saver feature so users need not complete the call if there are no new messages, resulting in saved telephone charges. In addition to Call Center, the TelePort Speakerphone Edition comes with Global Village's award-winning GlobalFax software. Widely known for its ease of use, the new version of the software now allows users to send a fax from the desktop by dragging the file's icon onto the GlobalFax Sender icon. GlobalFax also contains an expanded address book, shared with Call Center, where users can store all their important fax and telephone numbers, and improved smart dialing, which automatically adjusts dialing sequences based on location for both voice and fax calls.

The TelePort Speakerphone Edition will be available in early November in retail stores and from Global Village's network of resellers and distributors throughout the United States. The product will have an estimated street price of $269 (U.S.). Customers can contact Global Village for more information at 800/736-4821


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