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Globetrotter Updated to 1.1, Adds Features, Larger Sites and Documentation


Akimbo Systems announced that it is preparing to release version 1.1 of its Globetrotter Web Publisher package, the powerful easy-to-use third-generation web publishing package for Mac OS computers. The update will be free to all owners of Globetrotter. Complete information about the product and an order form are at the company's web site . Users who purchase Globetrotter 1.0 will receive a free upgrade to 1.1 when it is released. A new fully-functioning Demo version of Globetrotter 1.1 will also be available on the web site.

Powerful New Features Globetrotter 1.1 augments the powerful outlining and table functions, making it easier for users to create and format outlines and tables. Users can create bullet and numbered lists more easily, including intermixing different formats within a single outline -- a feature unique to Globetrotter. Users can set the format of each section of an outline independently and can set a default format for a document. Tables now support cell spacing and padding, vertical and horizontal alignment of cells, and alignment of entire tables. A new graphical menu allows users to directly create tables of a desired size. A Globetrotter exclusive feature allows users to display table borders on screen only, making it much easier to use tables for layout purposes. Globetrotter forms, which already support automatically-named fields and CGI script creation, now support grouped checkboxes and maximum field lengths. Field lengths are enforced by CGI scripts for browsers that do not support them. Globetrotter's graphical button libraries, an exclusive feature that allows graphical button pictures to be created automatically, may now be used for any link in a document. A document option allows users to quickly change the style of all links in a document. Button libraries continue to be available for Globetrotter's automatically-created navigation bars and next/previous buttons. Akimbo is also releasing information that makes it possible for users and third-parties to create their own button libraries. Globetrotter continues to be the only web publishing product available which supports publishing multiple pages from a single document, a feature essential for publishing and maintaining web sites. The 1.1 release increases the limit to 512 web pages from a single document, up >from 64. Users publishing large web sites will be pleased with the option to make any link absolute or relative, overriding the document-wide preference which may also be used. Globetrotter 1.1 is still unique in providing full support of fonts and styles such as Small Caps, automatically correcting links when documents are moved or renamed, properly scaling pictures which download faster when they are reduced in size, tracking changed sections of documents for publication of "New" Icons and numerous other key features. Some of the other features of the new release include: support for visited and active link colors; automatic addition of recently-selected colors to the Color submenu; more flexible horizontal rule options; user-named marks (in addition to automatically-named marks).

Documentation Updated in Response to User Feedback Globetrotter's documentation, which has already been updated twice since the shipment of 1.0, is being updated again, with the addition of technical notes and a case study on the creation of a web site, plus additional information in response to user feedback. The company plans to continue updating the documentation on a regular basis to meet users' needs. The documentation, which was specially designed for online access, is available at all times on the company's web site, and is included with the application installer, for local access from a hard disk. The Demo version also includes the complete documentation and sample files.

Free Update for Current Users, Introductory Pricing Extended Akimbo is giving free upgrades to version 1.1 to all registered users of Globetrotter. Registered users will be notified by e-mail about how to update their copies. Akimbo is also announcing that the introductory price of $99, previously set to expire on November 13th, is being extended to all copies purchased from Akimbo Systems and downloaded over the internet.


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