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Globetrotter Web Publisher Third-party Plug-ins to Provide Integration


Akimbo Systems announced today that a number of internet application developers have signed on to support Globetrotter Web Publisher, its third-generation web publishing product for Macintosh OS computers. As a publishing product, Globetrotter is able to provide an unprecedented level of integration with other internet products. Rather than copying and pasting HTML to work with these products, Globetrotter users will use familiar Macintosh techniques like drag and drop. "Akimbo Systems understands what it takes to provide web publishing for the rest of us," said Guy Kawasaki, Apple Fellow, "and that means building a product centered around publishing, not the technicalities of HTML."

Drag-and-Drop Java

Globetrotter users will be used to creating web sites without writing code, so they'll be pleased with the integration of Globetrotter with WebBurst, the first no scripting interactive Java applet builder from Power Production Software. WebBurst users will be able to add Java applets to their Globetrotter documents by simply dragging and dropping a clipping. The clipping will automatically publish as a Java applet for Java-enabled browsers and as a picture for other browsers.

For traditional pictures, users may edit pictures created in any EGO-compatible graphics-editing application by simply double-clicking them. EGO-compatible graphics editors include Adobe Photoshop, Design Science Inc's MathType and Equation Editor, and Waterloo Maple Software's Expressionist.

Database Connections and Server Add-ons

In addition to Globetrotter's built-in support for CGI script creation, users can connect to any CGI application by simply specifying it as a form action. Users of Web Broadcasting Co's WEB FM and Everywhere Development Corp's Tango can go even further, connecting directly to Claris Corp's FileMaker Pro database to collect data or serve pages without any CGI programming.

Users of Purity Software Inc's WebSiphon, a dynamic internet publishing tool, can combine Globetrotter with WebSiphon's scripting language to produce great-looking dynamic web sites and connect to databases such as Purity's own Verona.

Maxum Development Corporation's popular NetCloak and NetForms server add-ons will be supported via Globetrotter plug-ins. Users will be able to add appropriate HTML extensions by choosing a menu item in Globetrotter, which will present a list of possible commands.

Publishing Glossaries and Macros

In addition to Globetrotter's built-in glossary support, Globetrotter supports the web glossary and macros of UserLand Software's Frontier. Users can use any Frontier macro that returns a text value. The macro will execute each time the document is published, with the macro result being inserted into the published HTML file.

Globetrotter will have a MSRP of $249, but will be available at an introductory promotional price of $99 for the first sixty days. Users may purchase and download the product directly through Akimbo's web site, which was created completely in Globetrotter. Users may register now to be notified automatically when the product ships, using a form on the web site.


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