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10k Extension Allow Opening of HTML Editor From Your Browser, Download eval here


GoHTML is a very small extension (10K) for use with Netscape's Navigator or Microsoft's Internet Explorer. GoHTML adds a keyboard shortcut to your browser to go to your HTML Editor.

GoHTML adds an icon menu to the browser's menubar. This icon represents your preferred HTML Editor. You can now switch to your HTML Editor with a keyboard shortcut (Command-E). With this new command you can now switch back to your editor fast after you have previewed your HTML source. And when you have finished your HTML editing and preview choose Quit Browser and Editor to conveniently quit both applications or choose Shutdown if you are completely ready. Use the Set Editor command to set your preferred HTML Editor.

GoHTML supports BBEdit, PageMill, Claris Home Page, PageSpinner and GoLive.

GoHTML costs $10.

Download the GoHTML 10 time evaluatio.


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