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GDLetter's Newsletter Audience Grows


Ursiny Communications, Inc. (UCI), the publisher of free newsletter for desktop publishers, graphic designers, and other computer enthusiasts, has announced that its readership has reached more than 2,500. The GDLetter can be downloaded in its entirety from UCI's web site ..

While impressive 57% of GDLetter readers consider writing and submitting a story, a whopping 95% would recommend reading the newsletter to others. 96% of readers come from the USA and Canada, but people from Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa have signed up as well.

The numbers are based on survey conducted by UCI in August 1996.

GDLetter was founded in May 1996 aiming to provide free idea exchange forum for independent desktop publishers, graphic designers, and other people with similar interests. With word-of-mouth marketing strategy the little initial audience have quickly grown and consistently continues to expand.

GDLetter publishes articles and stories written and contributed by its readers, and it collects news which are of interest to any computer fan. Contributed stories are focusing mainly on business issues of desktop publishing and graphic design, especially those appropriate to independent freelancing computer artists and small businesses.


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