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Thursday April 16, 1997


GoLive CyberStudio Now Shipping

GoLive Systems, Inc. announced that it is shipping it's new web site design tool, GoLive CyberStudio. GoLive CyberStudio is the complete solution for HTML layout, design and Web site management. It gives Macintosh users unprecedented creative control and flexibility when designing a Web site. It also lets them focus on creativity and integrate the latest Web technology. Designed specifically for Macintosh users, GoLive CyberStudio offers all the benefits of using a Macintosh--true drag and drop capabilities, support of the latest Apple technologies, like AppleScript, MCF and QuickTime 2.5, and compatibility with other Macintosh applications.

GoLive CyberStudio also automatically uploads and downloads pages and sites as well as supports the Font Face HTML tag, allowing authors to create font sets. In addition to its multilanguage web site development support, GoLive will ship several localized international versions soon after the English version, including Japanese and German.

"CyberStudio addresses so many of the issues ignored by other WSIWYG editors," said Bob Little, senior associate supervisor for Internet Market Development, Interactive Media, of Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. "I'm very pleased with the way CyberStudio integrates the fundamental tools needed for site development, especially the site management features, and the smooth transition between the source code, general preview and browser preview modes. GoLive definitely understands the needs of the web site designer!"

GoLive CyberStudio is set apart from its competition because of its adherence to the HTML standard. The strength of CyberStudio is its ability to let graphic designers and publishers visually design and manage a professional-quality Web site. Yet, CyberStudio also includes HTML source-code and JavaScript tools, which help Web designers and programmers integrate interactivity into a site. With CyberStudio's support of the native HTML file format, graphics designers and web programmers can work together, sharing files, without going through any conversion process. In addition, you can easily download and edit existing web sites.

GoLive CyberStudio Key Features: * Visual Layout and Design Control GoLive CyberStudio is the first HTML-based authoring software to allow users to visually layout Web pages with full graphical control. Users create a grid and frames, then drag-and-drop text, images, forms, lists and multimedia elements--precisely placing objects on pages, just like using page layout software.

  • HTML Native File Format Unlike other site-creation tools, with GoLive CyberStudio, users are always working in an HTML native file format. At any stage of production, users can share files with others--using any other HTML authoring tool or text editor--on any type of computer.
  • Layout, Textual and Site-Oriented Modes GoLive CyberStudio allows users to work on a Web site in the way they prefer. For example, users can design a page visually in the graphical layout mode or write the HTML source code in a different mode, yet easily switch between modes. Therefore, users are never restricted to using someone else's idea of the smartest way to build a Web site.
  • Live Multimedia GoLive CyberStudio is the first HTML authoring software to allow users to play multimedia elements and Java applets while working in a WYSIWYG layout mode, so users don't have to constantly switch between their authoring software and browser for previewing. With GoLive CyberStudio, any multimedia element supported by a Netscape 3.0 compatible plug-in can be controlled and viewed while the page is laid out--saving valuable production time.
  • Tables, Tables and More Tables No other HTML authoring program offers greater control and flexibility when visually creating and laying out tables. Users can include any type of media in their table, such as text, images, multimedia elements, Java applets--even another table--by simply dragging the table icon from the GoLive CyberStudio palette onto a Web page layout, then placing the media within any cell.
  • Project and Site Management GoLive CyberStudio lets users design, create, import, edit and view an entire site as a complete project. Users can graphically see a site's structure, adjust the site's hierarchy, add or delete pages, open individual pages, as well as verify, change and update links and anchors.

CyberStudio also supports Apple's Multi-Content Format (MCF) for creating a visual representation of a site's structure.

  • JavaScript Editor with Color Syntax Checking GoLive CyberStudio is the first Web site authoring software to include a JavaScript editor with color syntax checking. This lets users add state-of-the-art interactivity to create incredible Web sites.
  • Modular and Extensible Architecture GoLive CyberStudio is built on a modular and extensible application architecture. This means that third-party developers and users can easily add new and custom functions to the software using developer tools available from GoLive.
  • Multiple Language Support GoLive CyberStudio can simultaneously support multiple language character sets, including Latin, Arabic, Devanagari and Japanese. It can even support, in the same text lines, scripts that run from left to right or right to left.

GoLive CyberStudio requires a Power Macintosh or 100% compatible clone running System 7.5.5 or later with a minimum of 8MB free memory. GoLive CyberStudio is now available in the retail channel, including MacWarehouse, MacMall and MacZone, for a suggested retail price of $349.

For more information on GoLive CyberStudio, call 415-463-1580




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