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Mac Only GradeBook 3.02 for Teachers Available, Download Demo here


Grades 3.0.2 (demo) is a Mac only program. The program is reportedly very easy to use, powerful grade book system. Tailored for a University, College or High School professor to administer students grades, exams and grade reporting. "Grades" supports weighted averages and bell curve calculations. It will report on an individual student or exam and will manage grading for different classrooms. It will adjust "Letter Grading" according to a "user definable" class distribution using a powerful Bell Curve calculator.

  • Some of the features:
  • Multi classroom / Data files
  • Percentage and letter grading
  • Students reports
  • Class averages
  • Bell Curve calculator
  • Weighted averages
  • Detailed class program
  • Exam (%), Assignments (Letter Grade) and Extra Credit Support
  • Best and lowest grade student (at all times)
  • Student list sorted by ranking, section, STID, Last name, etc.
  • Reports with Student ID numbers only (for bulletin board placing)
  • Missed Exams Report
  • Import and Export of data from other applications
  • Weighted Average support
  • Bell curve adjustments GPA Support
  • Dump and Load of Data


Download the demo (1.7 megs.)


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