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Gryphon Bricks Ships On Hybrid Cd-rom


Gryphon Software's award-winning, interactive software toy fun for kids 5-105! -- now available on CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh in computer and retail stores everywhere.

Gryphon Software Corp. Tuesday began shipping Gryphon Bricks on hybrid CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh. The program includes Windows 95 (32 bit), Windows 3.1 (16 bit) and Macintosh versions on the same CD-ROM. A brick building software program for kids of all ages, Gryphon Bricks was released on CD-ROM for Macintosh in June of this year and has already received rave reviews from consumers, educators and press, including an Honors Award from the 1996 National Association of Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA).

Feedback from consumers across the United States who have purchased Gryphon Bricks for Macintosh attest to the product's wide appeal. "Terrific for students," said Joyce Boschert, a teacher from Richmond, Va. Paul Langley of Boston calls Gryphon Bricks "a great product for kids of all ages. One of my best finds at Macworld this year." Craig Wylie from Arizona agreed, "There's a definite `wow' factor here."

With more than 350 brick styles available, Gryphon Bricks offers an enormous library of pieces to create virtually anything, real or imagined. Young, old and in-between users can build structures, create dinosaurs or design concept cars, using a variety of "three dimensional" pieces that are never in danger of getting stepped on or lost.

The "Kids" version of Gryphon Bricks features a friendly interface with larger, easier-to-click buttons, automatic saving and a single view so that kids don't get lost in their creations. Children (recommended ages 5-10) may easily click on a brick and simply place it where they desire.

Kids may choose to color the bricks from a palette of 12 vibrant colors and can shift them into place using arrow buttons. In the "Kids" interface each function also has a fun sound associated with it. For example, the paint bucket tool makes a splashing sound when the color of a brick is changed. A library of more than 50 pre-made models is included on the CD-ROM for inspiration.

The "Older Kids" version of Gryphon Bricks includes all of the features in the "Kids" version plus several advanced design tools, including the ability to animate the models or make the program automatically build models brick by brick.

"Older Kids" can also have more than one creation open at once and can enjoy multiple views of their masterpiece. In addition, "Older Kids" have several printing options available, including the ability to print their creations in color or black and white as well as print parts lists and instructions for building models in the real world.

And unlike most toys, kids will not outgrow Gryphon Bricks, as both the "Kids" and the "Older Kids" interfaces can be installed on the same machine, allowing for the software to grow with the user's ability and expanding interests. Models created in the "Kids" version can be opened and modified later in the "Older Kids" version.

The program includes both a "Kids" and an "Older Kids" (adult) interface on one CD-ROM and will be sold in computer and retail stores for a suggested retail price of $49.


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