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GymnastXTA Unites QuarkXPress with Adobe PDF


DataStream Imaging Systems, Inc. has announced the GymnastXTA suite of tools for pre-press professionals. The GymnastXT tools are a major step forward in productivity and ease-of-use for publishers who use Adobe Portable Document Format (PDFA) files for cross-platform document exchange. GymnastXT unites QuarkXPress, the industry leader in desktop pre-press, with Adobe PDF, the industry leading cross-platform document exchange format.

The first product scheduled for release is GymnastXT, an XTensionA for QuarkXPressA which allows users to import PDF documents directly into XPress as Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files. The images can then be cropped and separated like any other graphics. GymnastXT converts the selected page from the PDF document into an EPS graphic and imports the EPS file into the selected picture box in one easy step. This will save graphic designers and layout personnel the hours of clumsy conversions and work-arounds that are now required.

GymnastXT will be released early in the fourth quarter of 1996. Other products in the suite will follow including GymnastXTendA which will import a PDF file as a QuarkXPress document, allowing it to be edited and modified. GymnastXTend is expected to be released in the first half of 1997.

"The beautiful thing about GymnastXT is its cross-platform ability. We can take a PDF file created on Windows, Mac, or UNIX and bring it directly into XPress. All the font and graphic file issues are resolved and itpis completely transparent to the user." Sam Moore, President / DataStream Imaging Systems, Inc.

Available for the Macintosh and PPC platforms for use with QuarkXPress 3.31 or greater, and ATMA. GymnastXT will be available through DataStream Imaging Systems, Inc and XChange of San Francisco. The expected release date is by the end of September, 1996.


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