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Multiweb Hosting Service to Debut at Fall Internet World '96


HangMan FreeHosting, Inc. will launch a new multiweb hosting service at the Fall Internet World '96 on December 11-13, 1996 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

The company will market and help reputable hosting firms and web developers around the world through their multiweb marketing strategy. Hangman states that their "structure could revolutionize the way we publish our web sites in the Internet. "

HangMan offers businesses five (5) exciting programs with five (5) different hosting structures that will ultimately make the web site FREE and could even make money every month. They also offer schools anywhere around the world FREE ten (10) meg. web site and FREE monthly web hosting without any strings attached, and a chance of acquiring monthly sponsorships from member businesses. Chambers of Commerce and Advertising Agencies are also FREE and can receive monthly commissions from businesses they will attract. Individuals and sales representatives can also join the program and make money every month without spending a dime.

HangMan booth #4262 at Fall Internet World '96. Their URL is


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