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Hayes Introduces Complete Remote Access Server Products


Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. announced its complete family of remote access server solutions for Internet access, Microsoft and Novell network access, legacy and IP host access and other vital enterprise applications. Hayes Century 2000 line of fixed port access servers will be the first products to ship with availability in November.

Complete Family Of Remote Access Products

Hayes Century 2000 Series are fixed port remote access servers available in 4, 8, and 16 port versions with automatic modem discovery and full support for v.34 modems and ISDN devices. Century 2000 is ideal for workgroups and small access sites where the user wants to mix and match existing devices or only needs a small number of remote access ports.

Hayes Century 9000 family is a series of three modular chassis that allows for complete flexibility when choosing LAN and WAN access methods. All access devices are plug-in modules that work in any chassis. Access device modules will be available in the following types: v.34 analog modems, digital modems, Tl, El, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, Frame Relay, and Asynchronous serial. The Century 9200 chassis supports 6 modules and the Century 9400 supports 8 modules and has capacity for dual power supplies. The Century 9800 supports 12 modules, dual power supplies and is targeted for high density, corporate or ISP sites.

"We've set the Century line up so that any customer from a small workgroup to a large enterprise can tailor a solution that meets their exact needs," said Ken Karegeannes, Director of Network Systems. "The products share a common software management, security and installation base, so migration from small to large configurations is smooth and seamless."

Reliable, Compatible, High-Performance Solution

The Century Remote Access family is compatible with all existing major networking schemes including IP, IPX, PPP, Windows NT, Windows 95 and AppleTalk. With full support for RADIUS and DHCP servers, Century is compatible with existing ISP networking schemes. Century can be configured to send session data to RADIUS for accounting and billing. Dynamic IP addressing using DHCP eases the burden of assigning IP addresses to large numbers of users.

Century provides reliable, high-performance, dial-up access to the Internet over SLIP/CSLIP, and PPP, as well as full dial-in and dial-out support for users of Novell, Microsoft and Apple networks. With full v.34 modem and ISDN device support, users can mix and match access devices to maximize throughput speeds.

"We've had a chance to survey the market now that feature sets are standardizing and customers told us loud and clear they want remote access servers that are easy to configure and manage and that offer the type of performance, support and reliability that Hayes is known for," said Chuck Crisafulli, Century Product Line Manager.

Common Management Platform

The entire Century remote access server family shares common Windows based software for management, security, installation and configuration. Since the user must only learn the software once, they can easily migrate from one chassis to another within the Century family.

With full SNMP support, Century can be managed locally via an administrative port, remotely via the Century management software or remotely using third party SNMP applications. Using the configuration template feature, standard server configurations can be created, then used to install multiple servers quickly.

Century 2000 in 4, 8 and 16 port configurations will be available in November. Century 2000 suggested prices will range from $2,174 and $3,713, depending on the configuration. The Century 9000 family will begin shipping in Q1 of 1997.


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