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Hayes ISDN Terminal Adapter 4 Times Faster Than Analog Modems at Aggressive Price


Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc., announced December availability of its new ISDN offering for fast Internet and Intranet access, Hayes(TM) ACCURA(TM) ISDN. Now telecommuters and Internet surfers can reach a maximum throughput of 460 Kbps. ACCURA ISDN is one of the fastest ISDN terminal adapters on the market -- four times the speed of V.34 analog modems and two times the speed promised by 56 Kbps modems.

ACCURA ISDN supports up to six external analog devices for sending data, fax or voice transmissions off a single ISDN line so redundant analog service isn't necessary.

Product Features Benefits

  • High-speed Internet Speeds up to 460 kbps -- four times the speed of and Intranet Access V.34 analog modems. Support for V.42 bis and stac.
  • Conforms to Bellcore EZ ISDN IOC (Installation Ordering Code) to streamline ISDN line set-up.
  • Multiple Analog Supports up to 6 external analog devices (modems, Device Support/with telephones, fax machines) off a single ISDN line ringing through 2 RJ-11 analog ports. Automatically answers and identifies calls as analog or digital and routes them accordingly. No additional signaling/ringing equipment needed.
  • Bandwidth-on- Automatically bumps data bandwidth down to allow Demand and Call for incoming voice calls, then bumps back up to Bumping maximum throughput on the data line when the voice call is completed.
  • Flash ROM Allows for quick and easy upgrades that can be downloaded from Hayes Web Site at
  • Global ISDN Extensive switch compatibility. U and S/T Compatibility interfaces ensure global compatibility.
  • Auto Protocol Extensive switch compatibility. U and S/T Compatibility interfaces ensure global compatibility.
  • Auto Protocol Automatically detects and accepts incoming calls Sensing for PPP, V.120 and V.110, freeing users from having to manually reconfigure the device.
  • Multi-Platform Compatible with virtually all operating systems, including Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT, O/S 2, UNIX and Macintosh.
  • Security Up to three levels of security safeguard valuable confidential data, information and system access from unauthorized users.


"Hayes has a long history in ISDN development," said Bob Meara, Senior Product Manager, ISDN Products. "Hayes first demonstrated ISDN technology in 1987 with AT&T and NT. For the last five years, we have shipped our first generation of ISDN terminal adapters, but now we're delivering a product for the 90's and beyond that will satisfy any ISDN user's need for speed, functionality and ease-of-use."

The terminal adapter will be available in December for US$369.


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