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WEB Pages & BBBS for the Deaf and Hard Of Hearing


A new Mac WEB home page and Internet Bulletin Board System has come online for those of us who have become hard of hearing or are DEAF. If the words CODA, DEAF, HOH, Hearing AID, CI, or ASL mean anything to you, this site, and the BBS, are a must to visit. If you are not having hearing problems, thank you for your time.

This ISP site is an all MAC site. The main server is an 8100. The server for the web pages and the BBS is a 7500. The MACs are on a T1 line, and we use, of course, Telefinder 5.1 to showcase our information. Once at the WEB pages click on "HEARING ONLINE HELP". This page has collections of pages with information about other hearing related sites, Deaf/Hard Of Hearing groups/clubs, and sources of information for hearing related problems, along with gofers and other issue information.

The BBS consists of several areas. By joining, which is free, you will have use of a DEAF/HOH folder with various topics including hearing aids, ASL, CODA, JOBS, and many others. You will also be able to utilize a computer folder for computer topics, along with software uploading and downloading. There are seven chat rooms will allow you to talk with others while online in real time, or send private instant messages that only the recipient can see. Chat rooms are just like IRC, except without the hassle. Want to kill an evening? Hours go by like seconds when chatting to friends across the nation or around the world. Have a hearing friend on the East coast, and you live on the West coast? Log on at the same time and talk live (via keyboard) for as long as you like.

The BBS is on the Internet, so connecting to the BBS is as easy as connecting to your ISP. The Telefinder 5.1 software can be downloaded from the web pages for both MAC and PC computers. You must use the supplied software for the BBS as the MAC version of Telefinder is highly customizable, and they did just that.

Once decompressed, double click on the Telefinder icon. A connection window will open. Under connection method pick TCP/IP or Open Transit, whichever you use. PC users will check the TCP/IP box. Then click the Setup button and type in, port 1474 and close the window. Type in the screen name you want. Connect to your ISP as you normally would, then click on the connect button in the Telefinder window and you will be connected to the BBS. Fill out the registration, and you are using the BBS! The BBS has virtually unlimited lines. (Saturation of a T1 line is the limit). There are no limits as to how long you can be online. The SYSOP is online almost every night to answer questions in the SYSOP's LOUNGE. Even if you don't have a hearing problem, you might want to log on just to join in the conversations. The BBS and the WEB pages are new, and will be changing continuously. What you see now may not be what you see in two months. The WEB pages change an average of once a week. There are 50 pages.

The connection and use of the BBS is free.


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